Country Kitchen

One day when I finally get to decorate the Bed & Breakfast that I own in wine country, I will decorate the kitchen with this color pallet in mind. Yellow, pink and red is an uncommon color combo for a country kitchen, but doesn't it look irresistibly fresh and happy?  And what country kitchen is complete without a KitchenAid stand mixer?  To top things off,  I would have a dark chocolate oak harvest table, making this color pallet that much more rich and vibrant. Oh me oh my. One day...when pigs fly.

J xx

(1) Art.com, Healthy Poultry Print(2) KitchenAid, Majestic Yellow Stand Mixer(3) Jonathan Adler, Pink Tea Towel


Johanna Johnson

So I figure, if you want to look like a goddess on your wedding day - a freak of nature if you will, then you need a Johanna Johnson veil or headpiece.  Wearing her will make you look most unusual and spectacular. Enlarge the image above. Take it all in. Have you ever seen anything more ethereal? I think not. And if for some reason you can't wear Johanna Johnson on your wedding day, then you'll just have to settle for second best. Do you see where I'm going with this?

J xx


MOR Soapettes

I've always considered soap bars a thing of the past.  Shower gels are just easier to use.  But each and every time I come across MOR Cosmetics soap bars, or in this case - 'soapettes', I am forced to rethink why I don't use cleansing solids.  Since when am I so discriminating? It's not like soap bars are hard to use?!  For the love of pretty! When they come packaged in heavenly little collector tins like these, why on earth am I not using solids? More to the point - why don't I own this product yet?  Well played MOR. You and your perfect packaging have messed with my head, yet again!

J xx


Popsicle Molds

I'm sorry! Before you get excited about these adorable sailboat popsicle molds, you should know that they're no longer available to purchase. I know! It's a crying shame!  To make up for being such a tease, I've found 6 new super cute molds to get you excited about popsicle season. Jewels, stars, rockets, swirls, and ice cream cones. So many choices! Do you forgive me now?

J xx

(1) Tovolo, Jewel Pop Molds
(2) Cuisipro, Star Pop Molds
(3) Tovolo, Rocket Pop Molds
(4) Tovolo, Shooting Star Pop Molds
(5) Tovolo, Ice Cream Cone Pop Molds
(6) Orka, Ice Pops


Halston Heritage

Oh, Sarah. Why am I not surprised you are the chosen one. Because really, anyone with a pulse would ask you to head up their label; they know you come bearing the style aspirations of millions of fashion hungry women. This isn't so much a smart business move, as it is plain old common sense.  Sarah Jessica Parker has been appointed Chief Creative Officer of Halston Heritage, a contemporary fashion and accessory line inspired by iconic beauties of the '70's. Here's Sarah wearing two of the gorgeous frocks in scenes from the upcoming and widely anticipated Sex and the City 2. Genius, right? The disco-chic collection exclusive to The Bay is available now. No word yet on the price range; though, many would argue price is of little significance when a piece of 'Carrie' is at stake.

J xx


Peachy Keen

Vintage sign from Country Living

You know that feeling you get when something excites you, but you don't have the words to describe how you're feeling...you get a surge of adrenaline and bear the frustration of being speechless?  I imagine it's similar to when babies get excited but have yet to say their first words, so instead they clench their fists and make a funny sound.  That's exactly how Diane von Furstenberg dresses make me feel. DVF's Keoni Madras Dress is so summery and perfect for a walk in a peach orchard...if, you know, you ever find yourself walking...in a peach orchard...and need a dress for it...um, moving on! I am inspired by the fresh color tones of this dress; so here for you, are more peachy items worthy of a fist clench. Now I just need to find a peach orchard...

J xx

(1) L'Aromarine Paris, Peach Eau de Toilette
(2) Tocca, Mezzo Cosmetics Bag, Peach Trellis
(3) Jack and Lulu, Stripey Straws


Match Striker

A match striker. Beyond a matchbook, who knew such a thing existed and could be transformed into a lovely decorative object such as this one. These baubles hold your matches and have a rough patch to strike a match on. I did some research and found that match strikers are highly collectable items.  And let me tell you, there are some really funny looking antique ones that can set you back upwards of $200. Apparently they were once common objects used at home and at work, but are now largely a thing of the past having been replaced by gas lighters. Nina Campbell has modernized the match striker with her hand blown glass collection. Pretty little things, aren't they?

J xx


Well Wishes Dishes

My friend is getting married this May, and while visiting her last weekend I flipped through her Martha Stewart Weddings Spring 2010 magazine and paused on page 53 to admire this plate wall.  I later purchased my own copy of this issue, and hoped that the cute guy standing next to me at the newsstand didn't mistake me for a bride-to-be.  I LOVE Martha Stewart Weddings; the mag is always loaded with unforgettable 'good things' like this signature plate wall.  Having guests write on white plates to be later mounted on your wall is an exceptional replacement for a standard guest book.  This way, when you walk into your kitchen you'll be struck by the whimsical beauty of your decorative plates, and always be reminded of well wishes. Thanks again Martha!

J xx

(1) White plates
(2) Fine tip permanent marker
(3) Wire plate hangers


A Girl Can Dream

Here's a photo of my new house.  Well, it's not actually 'my' new house, it's simply my new 'favorite' house.  I stopped to take this photo with my iPhone on my run today in one of Toronto's affluent neighborhoods. With this home owner's decorating budget, I can only imagine what it must look like inside; I bet it's loaded with antique furniture and has dark oak hardwood floors, creamy white crown moldings and a gorgeous farmhouse kitchen, with lots of fresh cut flowers throughout the house. Sigh! Only in my dreams...

J xx


Four Scarves

I love Claudia Schiffer's effortless style. Her pretty scarves complete her outfits; in fact, they make her outfits.  That's the thing about scarves - no matter how simple your outfit, wearing one can make you look downright chic!  Wearing a scarf is similar to what lipstick did for women in the 80s: it brings color to your face and a lot of women won't leave the house without it.  So I got to thinking. To avoid getting lost in a sea of scarves and to keep life simple and meaningful, we only need 4 scarves: the wear-with-all, the classic, the souvenir, and the fancy.  The necessities for which are self-explanatory, but I've added 'the souvenir' because it's a practical, fashionable way to keep a great memory alive. And let's face it - way better than a keychain.

J xx

(WEAR-WITH-ALL) Burberry Gauze Check Stole, (CLASSIC) Hermès Les Cavaliers d'Or, (SOUVENIR) Musée d'Orsay Acrobat Stole, (FANCY) Ahilya Mohair Lace Scarf


Revolving Cupboards

I wish I had magically revolving cupboards; this way I could justify buying as many different sets of dishes as I wanted. I could change dishes according to my mood or the season and as often as I change my underwear! I know, it's ridiculous. But can you blame me? There is a ton of gorgeous dinnerware available that come in the most stunning colors and patterns. You can print just about anything on a dish (save for the dark and vulgar) and it will garner wide appeal. British/ Japanese designer Reiko Kaneko has designed the very clever 'Drip and Lip' collection. The gold accenting takes this concept from kitsch to class. L.O.V.E.

J xx


stoRE envy

I found this fantastic, unique, wish-I-would-have-thought-it shop called RE, located in Corbridge, Northumberland, England.  I don't know why I get myself excited about a shop I'll likely never step foot in, but at least they have an online shop I can visit. I just love the concept for this store! Shop owners Simon and Jenny categorize their products by "REcent finds, some raRE or REmarkable, some REcycled, some REscued and REstored.  And the name RE? It's a found object itself. Two large metal letters bought in a Paris flea market" hang as the storefront sign.  Of course! How charmingly serendipitous.

J xx


Oh Canada!

Well, it's official. CANADA is GOLDEN! Thanks to Sidney Crosby's epic goal, Canada owns the podium with a record-breaking 14 gold medals at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Celebrating our hockey win in the streets of Toronto with hundreds of flag-bearing, proud Canadians is an experience I will continue to talk about 20 years from now. The jubilation felt and expressed in Toronto and across the nation was a euphoric sense of freedom. Of the games, Canadian sports journalist Stephen Brunt said, "it feels good to let your heart show." And through our collective experience, we did just that.

Last night I sang myself to sleep crooning our national anthem. This morning I woke up feeling sorry about one thing: I missed out on the commemorative merchandise by The Hudson's Bay Company, the game's official supplier. I believe Hbc should continue to sell their merchandise long after the games; especially their beautiful knitwear. Make no mistake about it - the 'hype' has just begun!

J xx

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