Popsicle Molds

I'm sorry! Before you get excited about these adorable sailboat popsicle molds, you should know that they're no longer available to purchase. I know! It's a crying shame!  To make up for being such a tease, I've found 6 new super cute molds to get you excited about popsicle season. Jewels, stars, rockets, swirls, and ice cream cones. So many choices! Do you forgive me now?

J xx

(1) Tovolo, Jewel Pop Molds
(2) Cuisipro, Star Pop Molds
(3) Tovolo, Rocket Pop Molds
(4) Tovolo, Shooting Star Pop Molds
(5) Tovolo, Ice Cream Cone Pop Molds
(6) Orka, Ice Pops

1 comment:

Ms. Jenn said...

Glad I found this. I love making homemade ice pops for my little boy!

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