Four Scarves

I love Claudia Schiffer's effortless style. Her pretty scarves complete her outfits; in fact, they make her outfits.  That's the thing about scarves - no matter how simple your outfit, wearing one can make you look downright chic!  Wearing a scarf is similar to what lipstick did for women in the 80s: it brings color to your face and a lot of women won't leave the house without it.  So I got to thinking. To avoid getting lost in a sea of scarves and to keep life simple and meaningful, we only need 4 scarves: the wear-with-all, the classic, the souvenir, and the fancy.  The necessities for which are self-explanatory, but I've added 'the souvenir' because it's a practical, fashionable way to keep a great memory alive. And let's face it - way better than a keychain.

J xx

(WEAR-WITH-ALL) Burberry Gauze Check Stole, (CLASSIC) Hermès Les Cavaliers d'Or, (SOUVENIR) Musée d'Orsay Acrobat Stole, (FANCY) Ahilya Mohair Lace Scarf

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