Window Pain

Don't get me wrong - I love a good decorating challenge, but deciding on a window treatment is just downright painful.  If you're the type to never settle, then you know how frustrating it is to learn that most home decor retailers are assortment challenged and their buys are largely dictated by best sellers of yesteryear.  This means we're in big trouble because by this logic, Crocs are on their way to becoming an American classic in adult footwear. (oh dear God!)  So, from one perfectionist to another, I've gathered all the photos I could find of lovely window treatments from shabby chic to ultra chic, in hopes that you'll find some inspiration here.  It's the least I could do to help.

J xx


Sugar Sack

When I found this old Redpath cotton sugar sack at a flea market back home, I knew I had to have it because it was such a great piece of vintage advertising.  So, I got rid of my defective wall clock and replaced it with my sugar sack.  I stapled the sack to a 15" x 30" art canvas and voila!  Well actually it wasn't that simple; I had to meticulously tug and pull the fabric in order to staple it into place.  But the time and effort was worth it.  It looks exactly how I'd hoped!

J xx


Milk Glass

First made in Venice in the 16th century, milk glass has remained popular through the ages and became highly collectable glassware in the 19th century appreciated for its timeless elegance.  Today milk glass is largely identified by its milky white color, but milk glass - originally called 'opal glass', can also be blue, pink, yellow, brown and black - so long as it has an opaque finish.

Antique milk glass is not rare and can be inexpensive, save for serious collectors who may find themselves hard pressed to find quality milk glass pre 1930s.  Some of my favorites include Fire King (bottom left) and Fenton Hobnail (top left).  But you need not look far to get the look of milk glass.  Take for example this ceramic bottle stopper from Anthropologie.  I mean, cute right?!

J xx

Mood Lifters

Source: unknown

Source: unknown

My Bailey

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Pink Fridge

Source: Luxe + Lillies

Source: unknown

Pink is by no means my favorite color, but sometimes, on some people, in some places - pink is undeniably the best color.  These kitchens would not look as fabulous without the retro fridge.  I adore these fridges in all their pink glory.

J xx

Gold & Black

watch: Juicy Couture, french press: Bodum, shoes: Miu Miu, book: Coralie Bickford-Smith for Penguin

Alexis Bledel looks absolutely perfect at TIFF wearing a stunning gold and black Saloni dress.  Alexis is one of my all-time fav starlets; to me she can do no wrong!  Here she reminds us just how good gold and black look together, and further evidence was ready for the pickin'.

J xx


Old Finds

Found this baby on Etsy and had to have it.  You may think this is a rusted piece of junk, but this antique detergent container from the 40s is every bit as chic as the French lady it features.  The maker is El Camino Petroleum Co. 1946, Los Angeles, California.  I couldn't find any info on this company, which likely means it's long gone - which makes me love it even more!

Then I scored this vintage 50s Hand-i-Sift flour sifter made by Androck from a flea market back home.  Good old dad bought this one for me, convinced the lady to drop the price and voila - all mine!  Plus pops also bought me an old Redpath cotton sugar sack which I'll show you soon...once I'm finished doing what I'm doing with it.  Stay tuned!

J xx

Words to live by

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Lunch in Style

Here I go again.  Another excuse to accessorize.  But for good reason this time!  I buy my lunch at work every day and this can be an expensive habit to kick.  So, I figured I needed a little coaxing to make and bring my lunch to work.  Enter a slim yet sizable lunch pocket that fits in your bag, and the latest (and prettiest) in lunch box accessories! Now we're talkin'!

J xx

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