Frameworthy Felicitations

While shopping around for discount holiday cards, I continue to be amazed at the caliber of gorgeous greeting cards available, and realized that greeting cards double as frameable art.  With the myriad of styles, colors, and embellishments - it's no wonder a single card can set you back upwards of $8. We simply can't afford to throw away cards anymore, not only because of their prices or endearing messages, but because of their sheer beauty! Cards have become integral to the gifts we are attaching them to, and rightly so. Any excuse to showcase a beautiful illustration is fine by me.  Try framing your favorite greeting cards to prettify the washroom wall just above the towel rack, or warm up the hallway with a series of collectable vintage greeting cards.

Next time you shop for art prints, stop by your local greeting card shop for a wide selection of affordable art! Choose a card and display it in a high quality matted frame. For inspiration, check out these stationary superstars:

1.  The Bonnie Marcus Collection "where fashion meets paper" is a chic, stylish, line of stationery, gifts, tote bags, and flip flops. Bonnie Marcus designs have been featured in numerous publications including "O" The Oprah Magazine, New York Magazine, and InStyle.
Click to: www.bonniemarcus.com

2. William Arthur Fine Stationary is widely considered one of the finest makers of luxury stationery, including unique wedding invitations, baby announcements, personalized stationery, holiday greeting cards and holiday photo cards.
Click to: www.williamarthur.com

3.  Papyrus, founded in 1950 by Marcel Schurman, offers an ever-expanding array of products including custom printed announcements, products for entertaining, greeting cards, gift wrap, gift bags, stationery, note cards, journals and unique gift products.
Click to: www.papyrusonline.com

J xx


Let It Snow

It is my opinion that Christmas is not as merry without snow. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees when it comes to braving the cold, frosty weather.  Some people shudder at the thought of bone-chilling temperatures and being forced to wear unfashionable winter boots. Even so, there's nothing worse than cold, wet feet, making an otherwise winter wonderland - unbearable!

Fear not: for behold, I bring unto you protective winter boots that are fashionable too!  T'is the season to buy a pair of your own.  Spread the joy south this holiday season and give your feet the gift of weatherproof protection.

1. Burberry Weatherboots: check-printed canvas Weatherboots with a top drawstring, lace up closure, rounded toe and rubber sole to weather the storm.

2. UGG® Australia Adirondack Tall boot: perfect for snowy, wet conditions, the full grain leather is waterproof while an exclusive Vibram® outsole provides stability. Completely lined in sheepskin, and features removable/replaceable sheepskin insoles.

3.  Sorel Joan Of Arctic™: a modern classic, the Joan of Arctic combines Sorel’s celebrated cold-weather performance with a stylish design that’s as smart on urban streets as it is warm in a deep snowpack.

J xx


Weddingbells 25th Anniversary

Weddingbells is Canada's premier wedding magazine, helping 3.2 million Canadian style-conscious brides plan the wedding of their dreams.  The special 25th anniversary spring & summer 2010 issue looks back on 25 years worth of timeless bridal fashions.   The issue is jam packed with beauty, fashion, and planning tips, as well as $80,000 worth of contests and prizes, including a $25,000, 7 night stay at Jade Mountain resort in Saint Lucia!  Be sure to pick up a copy on newsstands now.

This issue is extra special to me because my lovely best friend Hilary's wedding is featured in the mag!  And guess what? I am too!  As her Maid of Honor, I am super stoked to be seen on page 81 with the gorgeous bride and groom, and alongside my fellow Lela Rose wearing bridesmaids. What a treat!  I'm pictured on the far right of the bridal party photo. Come on now, a little shameless self promotion never hurt anybody!

J xx


Rose Gold Rush

I'm in love with rose gold and I can't go another day without it!  If only I'd realized sooner there was another option besides silver and gold! Is it just me, or is rose gold too often forgotten?  Did you know that 18k rose gold is composed of 75% gold, 21% copper, and 4% silver? How fabulous!  No longer the underdog, rose gold suits up to be a major contender in the battle of the precious metals. The warmth and sheer beauty of rose gold is undeniable, yet completely unexpected.

Be sure to spruce up your jewelry & accessories collection by adding a piece or two. May I suggest Daniel Espinosa's Rosé Ring, Tiffany & Co.'s Rose Gold Oval Key Pendant, or Michael Kors Midsize Rose Gold Chronograph Watch. I've got my eye on the time!

J xx


Clothbound Classics

I have never been happier to judge a book by it's cover than when I spotted these lovely books at Chapters Indigo. But to be fair, these books have been literary classics long before the talented Coralie Bickford gave them a facelift. The Clothbound Series published by Penguin Books include classics by Jane Austen, Emily Brontë, Charles Dickens, and Oscar Wilde. Available in a variety of beautiful, vivid colors and patterns, these books double as artwork on your bookshelves. Beautiful on the inside and out - they're the total package!

To snag a few color coordinated copies, head to your local Chapters Indigo, or visit Anthropologie.com to purchase online.

J xx


Christmas In The City

As far as Christmas ornaments go, isn't this just the sweetest - 'take-me-back-to-the-good-old-days' - kind of ornament?!  This bauble from Christmas Central is the perfect balance between boutique chic and do-it-yourself charm. The miniature city housed under a lovely glass bell trimmed with gold tinsel adds a touch of whimsy to any tree.  If you live in a big city like me, this charmer is a reminder that it really is a small world after all!

For more vintage inspired Christmas ornaments just like this one, visit Hometraditions, Artificial Christmas Trees, and Radko.

J xx


The Love Mattress

The Love Mattress offers partners a simple yet effective position for embracing.  This mattress lets you hug your love intimately without any wrist or arm weakness. The Love Mattress has the same dimensions as other mattresses do, with the added advantage of making a gap between joined parts in order to place your arm and shoulder in it when lying on your side.  

A mattress that supports your back and your relationship? Yes please! This is perhaps the first and only time romance and practicality mix well together. How many times have you wished you could fall asleep holding your partner, if only you could somehow maneuver yourself in a comfortable position? Just when you thought romance was dead, in comes The Love Mattress!  Is this genius or what?! Hopefully this product will be available to purchase soon so all of you romance aficionados can finally fall asleep comfortably in the arms of your lover.  Now that's what I call a good night's sleep!

To learn more about The Love Mattress designed by Mehdi Mojitabv, visit Gooya Design.

J xx


A 'Coo' Pacifier

Pacimals were created by Monica Williams, a doctor and a first-time mom.  Monica's Baby Mackenzie loved her pacifier, but didn't have the coordination to hold it on her own - leading to frustration and tears.  Dr. William's got crafty and attached a pacifier to a plush toy and the result was a pacifier that Baby Mackenzie could keep in place and cuddle with!  The best part?  When Baby no longer needs the pacifier, mom can cut the pacifier loose and Baby gets to keep her plushy friend! Why didn't I think of that?!

Visit Pacimals.com to learn more about their many benefits and to purchase a Pacimal for one lucky baby (and mom!).  My personal fav is Ooie the monkey!

J xx

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