Rablabs New York

Rablabs New York.  Accessories for the home made of agate and crystal trimmed in pure gold and sterling silver.


J xx


French Style

I've always felt a connection to all things French.  It used to suffice to admire something because it had a 'French vibe'; but I reached a point where 'French' became synonymous with 'style', so I needed to break it down in order to feel confident that I knew what I was talking about.  In came Erin Swift's book French Accents.  This book helped me understand the French sensibility and how this applies to decorating.  Erin photographed interiors in France and the United States and discovered that these interiors shared common threads that helped colourize the French aesthetic. Her book is jam packed with stunning photographs and practical decorating tips.  It shows me how to bring French architecture inside, how to create a mood with paint colour, how to add texture to a space that mirrors French fashion, how to furnish a space with antiques and how to decorate with 'objects d'art'.  It's a must read!  I fell in love with Erin's book; she had me at page 32.

J xx

Featured on p. 34-35 in French Accents by Erin Swift

Featured on p. 71 in French Accents by Erin Swift

Featured on p. 85 in French Accents by Erin Swift


FLOR Carpet Design Squares

I love my girlfriends because they're so darn fabulous, but also because they give me the scoop on their latest discoveries.  Yesterday over brunch my friend Lindsey told me about FLOR, a new carpet design shop in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood.  FLOR is modular carpet tiling that allows you to create unique, eco-friendly area rugs, runners and wall-to-wall designs.  With many colours and patterns to choose from and 'pay-per-tile' pricing, you can create a carpet tailored to your own design sensibility.  Love that!  A super chic area rug has suddenly become more attainable.

J xx


Make Your Own Bubbles

I was delighted to be invited to the Canadian launch of Sodastream's Kraft flavours at Second Floor Events in Toronto's west end.  The eco-concious event was hosted by Canadian filmmaker and environmental activist Rob Stewart - best known for directing Sharkwater and most recently, Revolution.  The night's take-home message was to reduce plastic bottle waste by ending personal consumption of soda bottles and embracing the enviro-friendly Sodastream drink maker.  Fortunate am I to have received a super chic Sodastream Source Starter Kit as a parting gift!
Not only is my Sodastream drink maker a fine piece of cordless machinery, it's just plain cool.  And because it's cordless, it makes the perfect accessory for a bar cart.  Plus, it's really narrow and doesn't take up much counter space so you can put it almost anywhere.  And you have to love its glossy, white quilted stylish design. But aside from its obvious good looks, it's very easy to use and super convenient.  Now I can make sparkling lemon water in seconds; a bonus for those of us who like to entertain - and I can make as many bottles as I want! It's the ultimate party buddy.  Whether fresh fruit sparkling water or bubbly alcoholic 'bevies' are your thing, it's whatever and whenever you want.  I do however have one piece of cautionary advice: opt for making healthier carbonated drinks instead of the usual sugary offenders; it is THAT convenient after all. 

J xx


Urchin & Cameos

I had to have this brass urchin starburst from Teatro Verde because I knew it was exactly what I needed to pair with my antique cameos I had been saving since the summer.  I feel like crooning 'At Last' by my girl Etta.  Don't you just love it when things work out?!

J xx

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