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I love Links of London. (Say that three times fast!) Founded in 1990, Links of London offers an eclectic mix of jewelry, from contemporary classics to fashion must-haves. But perhaps the most irresistible of pieces are their lovely Friendship Bracelets. Hand-woven with multi color thread, these sterling silver bracelets are a modern, grown-up take on the friendship bands we made and loved as children. I think you just found the perfect gift!

J xx


Ciao Bella

I loved her in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof opposite Paul Newman.  Elizabeth Taylor was the quintessential starlet of Hollywood's golden era.  Her beauty was divine.  Her romantic affairs salaciously captivated a nation.  "She was the most glamorous and sexual star of [her] generation.  No one else could equal Elizabeth's beauty and sexuality. Women liked her and men adored her"(source).  

More importantly, "she was the first celebrity to speak out on the mysterious and socially divisive disease in the 1980s, calling for research, compassionate care and an end to discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS...  It wasn't just as if she took the risk of attaching her celebrity status to a cause. She picked the most controversial cause at the time...  In 1985, when the government had done little to educate people about the disease and nurses were afraid to deliver food trays to AIDS patients in hospitals, Taylor, along with a group of physicians, helped establish the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR)... [She was] one of the most inspirational figures in the fight against AIDS" (source).

Like that whopping 69 carat 'Taylor-Burton' Diamond, Elizabeth was brilliant and rare. Ciao Bella! Shine on...

J xx


Look Linger Love

I stumbled on a great style blog today: Look Linger Love. It's got tons of unique fashion and decor finds. This blogger often lets her readers decide which outfit she should wear to an event. (Come on, tell me that's not fun!) Bloggers amaze me - many are like hunters, completely absorbed and dedicated to their craft. And I am addicted to what they bring to the table. They gather such great information that I couldn't get anywhere else!

J xx


Sunshiny Saturday

I spent Saturday shopping around Yorkville with my lady friends in the beautiful sunshine. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting over lattes and trying on shoes we couldn't afford. It was one of those easy breezy days that have been far too few lately. And the blue Spaniel? This is a lovely display featured in the sunglasses section at Holt Renfrew. I couldn't resist snapping a photo; like the day, it was just too perfect!

J xx


Bathroom Character

A collection of old sports team photos hang on the walls of a cottage bathroom on Fire Island, New York. Every so often I visit Toronto's St. Lawrence Antique Market and enjoy browsing through old salvaged photographs. I love the idea of finding a new home for lost photos; it's a little celebration of past lives and the character they embodied. I think I'm going to copy this idea for my bathroom. Nothing gets me excited quite like a new decorating project!

J xx


Gold Coast Evangeline

I'm experiencing major bag love for Kate Spade's Gold Coast Evangeline handbag. Love the ash color, gold turn-lock closure, and 9"-16" drop length chain. Plus, there's no denying Evangeline's Chanel inspired look at a fraction of the cost!  Kate Spade just launched a perky new website and now ships to Canada. Finally!

J xx


Coolest Cooler

This is my kind of cooler. How perfectly practical and lovely is this? What a great idea for entertaining! This would work nicely in the family room too. You need two styrofoam coolers and Ikea's Byholma Wicker Chest. Love, love, love!

J xx


Live the Language

Ever wonder about international education? This is one of four short films designed to get you to pack your bags in a heartbeat! The campaign entitled "Live the Language" for EF Canada is really beautiful. Check out the remaining three short films here!

J xx


Connecting the Dots

You know what's special? That moment when you realize something is the way it is supposed to be.  When you think back to a time when things seemed unresolved, and now you are able to connect the stray dots to the present and think, "Yep." This is a full circle moment, and my heart is overwhelmed to witness my friend Jasmine come full circle. Visit Jasmine Habart Designs or buy her lovely stationary creations on Etsy. (Way to go Jas! xoxo)

J xx

The Sleeveless Trench

She calls it "The Sleeveless Trench", but I call it the perfect substitute for Emma Watson's Burberry Bespoke Trench. Emma debuted the first "style your own" Burberry trench coat last year to my utter joy and envy (right). Now you can create the look yourself thanks to My Daily Style fashion blogger Mireia (left). Got a trench? Cut the sleeves off and wear a lightweight leather jacket underneath. Genius.

J xx

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