Alive and Well

I wish I had a story to go along with this picture; I know about as much as you can deduce from it. This is an example of good old fashion romance that only an air of mystery could make perfect. Someone, somewhere is a dreamer. This park bench plaque is a much needed reminder that romance is indeed, alive and well.

J xx


Khaki Fields

I love Chanel's limited edition Khaki Le Vernis collection. The nature-inspired shades evoke dreams of walking through a grass field in early fall to the tune of John Denver's 'Sunshine on My Shoulders'. I'd be strolling through that field wearing Calypso's Pintuck Dress; so soft and feminine. And when I hit pavement, I'd anchor the look by slapping on Yves St. Laurent's 'Sexy Blackberry' Lipstick. And the Prada Caramel Saffiano Tote...well, that's one for the road!

J xx


The Mouseketeer Kid

When The Pretty Purveyor was born, I intended to blog about all things pretty in the world of home decor, fashion and lifestyle. So, it's a bit of stretch to fit Ryan Gosling into this equation. But the man is 'pretty' (molten lava hot). I have a wee bit of a crush on Ryan (obsession). He grew up in my hometown and I remember seeing him on the playground at a joint elementary school function - the particulars of that event I can't remember, but at the time he was known as 'the Mouseketeer kid'. Back then he was scrawny, and now he compliments my bedroom style. Yes...that's exactly how he fits into this equation.

J xx


Thoughts on a Skirt

Love this skirt. Love this outfit. Love the stylists who put this outfit together for Anthropologie. While I'm on the love train, I may as well give props to the beautiful horse too. And the photo of course, I can't forget the artistry behind the photo. I wonder if I could pull off wearing this skirt...heck - I wonder if you could. Success with this skirt might be narrow hip and horse dependent. If you're brave enough to take this skirt out of the grass field and into the office, then I salute you. Anyway.

J xx


TIFF Lovelies

Toronto is abuzz with all things TIFF, but I haven't been paying much attention beyond a quick scroll through online photos. But I got excited when I learned that 3 of my girl crushes are breathing the same air as I am, at least for now. I know what you're thinking - beauty's not everything - and I agree! But they dress so well, and they look so pretty, and they're great actresses. Plus - Alexis, Rachel and Freida are among the classy starlets, nes pas? Love 'em!

J xx


Cupcake Carousel

Nothing is worse than having to carry your freshly iced cupcakes in a boring plastic container. Or WORSE - on a plate covered with plastic wrap! With the adorable Cupcake Carousel by Fox Run Brands, your petits gâteaux will arrive in style. Add to cart, checkout now!

J xx

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