The Business of Blogging

The 2nd Blog Podium conference for design bloggers took place this Saturday at The Arcadian Loft in Toronto.  The panel and guest speakers discussed 'the business of blogging' and how to monetize your blog.  The key note speaker Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely shared her successes with blog monetization, and though her detailed 'how-to' was valuable - I found her girl-next-door-charm even more so.  She was honest about her strengths and weaknesses with managing the nitty-gritty business behind her blog, which is why blogging is such an attractive, accessible business:  you can afford to be who you are and successfully monetize your blog.  Love that!

Afterwards we enjoyed a cocktail reception with the yummiest food and mingled with fellow bloggers and brand representatives including West Elm, Para Paints, Indigo, EQ3 and HomeSense.  A big THANK YOU to West Elm for the $20 merchandise card and additional 15% discount - I checked out Toronto's first West Elm in Liberty Village today and was treated to a pair of pinestripe tassel hand towels and mercury candleholders that I had been coveting for my bathroom. Score!

Lastly, thank you to Blog Podium founders Jennifer Flores and Lindsay Stephenson for organizing this event.  What a treat.  Here's to the next!

J xx


Faux Taxidermy

I'm in love with dogs, but I'm not ready for the responsibility of having my own.  So when I found this porcelain pup at HomeSense for just $9 - I thought it would make a playful statement on my wall and a sweet reminder of 'one day'.  I'm loving these other examples of faux taxidermy; they can brighten up a dull corner or create a strong focal point in a room.  

J xx


Here Comes the Sun

I spent the long weekend with family lazing around in the new summer sun. I often found myself singing 'Here Comes the Sun' by The Beatles. Pure outdoor relaxation, dog walks by the ravine and of course, a few Instagrams.  "Here comes the sun, and I say, it's all right..." 

J xx


Help me WIN!

[ 05. 17. 2012 - Contest now closed ]

Hi Friends! I've entered the EQ3 mood board contest and I'm hoping you can help me out by going to the contest Pinterest page by clicking here and commenting on my mood board.  The entry with the most comments wins the highest priced EQ3 item featured in their mood board.  In my case, I'm coveting the sleek Reverie Chair!  Thanks everyone, here goes nothing!

J xx



Kelly Wearstler for Pickard China

I was flipping through Kelly Wearstler's interior design book Hue, when I spotted some seriously gorgeous dinnerware. Turns out - it's Kelly's very own collection for Pickard China.  Now, if I didn't eat dinner in front of the TV every night and if I could afford a 5 piece setting worth a cool $450, then I'd totally own a place setting for one. And if I won the lottery - I'd splurge on a second place setting so I could have a friend over for dinner. Until then it's just me and my chosen guest living the humble life snacking on my couch while most likely watching The Bachelor.  And I'm ok with that!

J xx





Love That

Stacked door mirrors placed horizontally.

I love a good decorating idea; that special technique or twist on conventional styling that sends a surge of adrenaline through your veins.  Achievable, unique style ideas like these are definitely something to get excited about. LOVE that!

Beautiful statement mirror above the stove.

Beverage caddy built into picnic table.

Antique hutch with custom marble top as kitchen island.

Ornamental frame hung over top small frame grouping.

Mirror gallery collection on wall shelves.

Single row of salvaged tiles as backsplash. 

Silk scarf framed.

Gallery wall of shopping bags too pretty to throw away. 


Playing with Scale

I love how the scale of items within a space can be technically off kilter, yet is the foremost reason why it works so well.  At one point or another, we've all found ourselves passing on a new piece of furniture because it was the wrong size.  But judging by these examples of unconventional scaling, maybe 'too big' or 'too small' is a bit of a style myth when it comes to furnishing your space.

J xx

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