Damask Birdhouses

It's snowing.  So naturally, I've been daydreaming of summer days relaxing on my deck, feeling the sun on my shoulders, sipping smoothies and glancing up at blue skies.  Last summer I furnished my new deck, and soon it will be time to welcome the birds to my summer retreat. I have fallen hard for these damask birdhouses by Rosso's International, available to purchase through Amazon.com.  These birdhouses are so pretty and unique; they will look gorgeous perched on the corner ledge of my deck. Sold!  

J xx


Birkin Cocktail Napkins

Bright, clean, crisp and stylish.  Designer Avril Loreti's Birkin Cocktail Napkins are truly one-of-a-kind. The only problem is that I love the look of them so much, I would hate to get them dirty - thereby defeating their purpose. But if a napkin is a napkin, then perhaps I can bring myself to wipe my greasy hands all over them.  These cloth napkins are perfect for a 'girls only' dinner party.  Just have paper napkins on hand in case the thought of getting these beauties dirty becomes too much to bear.

J xx


Paris by Hand

Wowza! I was flipping through the March issue of InStyle Magazine when I spotted this 18-carat gold and platinum ring by Philippe Tournaire.  The French jewelry designer created The Villa de Rêve Collection that features miniature replicas of our favorite architectural buildings and monuments from around the world. This ring takes my Paris obsession to a whole new level; my favorite feature is the unexpected placement of the Eiffel Tower tucked below the city.  I love the idea of shrinking the heart of Paris and holding it in the palm of your hand - or in this case - wrapping it around your finger!

J xx

Be My Valentine

Gone are the days of valentines with simple illustrations, sweet messages of love and silly jokes that make us blush and say 'golly!' Nowadays, your choice of valentines is limited to the highest grossing pop star or animated feature film. Don't get me wrong - Miley's 'way cool' and Buzz Lightyear is the most high-tech 'space ranger' I've ever seen; but giving a Miley valentine to a Selena Gomez fan is a surefire way to find yourself in a pickle when the bell rings! Needless to say, I miss the simplicity of vintage valentines. Click to Indigo.ca to purchase vintage-style press-out cards by Golden Books if you do too.

J xx


My Blankee

I adore these animal print baby blankets by My Blankee Inc. Founder Serge Soussan was inspired to develop a line of hypoallergenic fabrics to accommodate his son and others who share the same skin condition known as Eczema.  My Blankee has become known for their plush baby blankets that offer unique textures and a luxurious, soft touch; they have since expanded their product line to include robes, hooded towels, and bedding. A celebrity favorite, these Blankees are sure to please mom and her little snuggler.

J xx


Puppy Dog Tails

As a little girl I had to contend with the notion that little boys were made of snips and snails, and puppy dog tails, and girls were made of sugar and spice. Was I supposed to be happy being a condiment while boys were passionate little creatures, living their lives with the swinging fervor of a puppy's tail? Even more unbearable was the yearly influx of greeting cards I received with kittens on them. Yes, kittens are sweet and all, but my heart belongs to the dogs.  Even though most children's accessories adorned with puppies are reserved for 'boys', I won't hesitate to shower little girls with puppy love because they too are passionate little creatures!

J xx

(1) Robeez Puppy Baby Booties, click to: www.robeez.com
(2) The Fuzzy Noggin Doggy Earflap Hat, click to: www.etsy.com
(3) ittikid Bow Wow Wow Onesie, click to: www.ittikid.com


All That Glitters

Oscar de la Renta's tulle sequin embroidered gown from his Spring 2010 RTW collection reminds me of gorgeous, color-rich, ornate Indian jewelry. The eye-catching colors, textures and sparkle are also the reasons why I love these featured products. MOR Cosmetics is claiming top honors in packaging design with their beautifully wrapped line of soaps (1), as is Charlotte Moss with her home fragrance collection for Agraria San Francisco (3). And an outfit isn't complete without a show-stopping cocktail ring like this hammered gold ring from Newport News (2).  These items are so captivating I just can't look away! 

J xx


Mac BookBook

BookBook is a one-of-a-kind, hardback leather case designed exclusively for 13 and 15 inch MacBook and MacBook Pro.  The hardback cover and spine provide solid protection in addition to the vintage book disguise for extra security.  BookBook is such a fun and clever accessory for your MacBook; the juxtaposition between old and new is so appropriate - especially if you have a weakness for old world charm and of course, all things Mac! Click to Twelve South to purchase BookBook and to check out more unique accessories designed exclusively for Mac.

J xx

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