Peachy Keen

Vintage sign from Country Living

You know that feeling you get when something excites you, but you don't have the words to describe how you're feeling...you get a surge of adrenaline and bear the frustration of being speechless?  I imagine it's similar to when babies get excited but have yet to say their first words, so instead they clench their fists and make a funny sound.  That's exactly how Diane von Furstenberg dresses make me feel. DVF's Keoni Madras Dress is so summery and perfect for a walk in a peach orchard...if, you know, you ever find yourself walking...in a peach orchard...and need a dress for it...um, moving on! I am inspired by the fresh color tones of this dress; so here for you, are more peachy items worthy of a fist clench. Now I just need to find a peach orchard...

J xx

(1) L'Aromarine Paris, Peach Eau de Toilette
(2) Tocca, Mezzo Cosmetics Bag, Peach Trellis
(3) Jack and Lulu, Stripey Straws

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