Busy, Busy

I'm taking a short break from blogging. I'll be back before you know it!

J xx


House of Harlow

I heart House of Harlow. I haven't yet spotted her pieces in Toronto, but word on the street tells me Holt Renfrew carries her jewelry. Nicole wears her creations brilliantly, especially when she's sporting simple loose-fitting shirts and dresses. A lover of loose-fit myself, Nicole's pieces are the eye-catching accessories I need to dress up my outfits. I am officially on the lookout!

J xx

Photograph Table Runner

A table runner made of old photographs randomly linked together. What a lovely idea! This is an excellent way to entertain guests as they eat and a great excuse to gush about happy memories. Perfect for an engagement party dinner setting or any dinner party with a smaller number of guests, because lord knows the longer the guest list, the longer the table runner - and the longer it'll take you to put together. Either way, this is a special idea for a special celebration!

J xx


Rare Glimpse

If you caught a glimpse inside my head at this very moment you'd see that I wanted 3 things in the immediate term: a tour of Italy, to find my Roberto (preferably his identical twin), and the classic Chanel quilted bag. Just so we're clear - this post was inspired by the lack thereof. I'm fresh out of ideas today, so I thought this post could serve as an open letter to the universe: give me what I want. Please and thank you.

J xx

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