Sunday in Bed

Your fav magazine, a great book, blogs, breakfast in bed or a good cuddle; so many perfect reasons to stay in bed.  I hope you have a happy, cozy, peaceful kind of Sunday!

J xx


An Apartment in Stockholm

I stumbled upon this great blog called Planete Deco showcasing photos of beautiful homes from around the world. I'm happy I found this blog; not only because of its fabulous decor inspiration but for showing me this gorgeous Stockholm apartment, whose living room had me at hello when I came across it some time ago. Now I've got the rest of the apartment to lust after and so do you!

J xx


In Pursuit of Art

I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) on 'free admission Wednesdays' and had a blast looking at all the paintings.  I took the above pic of a painting by Clarence Gagnon and I've fallen madly in love with this piece of art. Oddly, I couldn't find any information about this painting at the gallery (nor the internet!) so I'm left wondering what it was titled and where on earth I can find a print of it.  If anyone knows - please tell me!  But not all was lost because I enjoyed other great works by Lawren Harris and Arthur Lismer of the Group of Seven, and French master of impressionist painting - Claude Monet.  I was shocked to learn that photography is now permitted in Canadian art galleries, but pleased nonetheless (I'm anti-flash for the record!).  This way, I get to enjoy Gagnon's painting which for now shall remain nameless!

J xx

'A Clear Winter' by Arthur Lismer

A close up photo of 'Vétheuil in Summer' by Claude Monet

'Winter Woods' by Lawren Harris

My boyfriend took this photo and made me promise I'd give him credit.  He's very proud of himself!


Congratulations, Adam Scott!

Adam Scott for Rolex via Awkward Girls

Way to go Adam!  First Australian to win a Masters tournament!  And don't worry - that green jacket suits you just fine.  And thanks for single-handedly making me a fan of professional golf; it had to be you! Sigh...

J xx

Red Lips

'Ombre' by Inslee

It just does it.

J xx

Tom Ford via Fashion is My Drug

Monica Bellucci via Become Gorgeous

Adriana Lima via Pinterest



This is how I felt yesterday.  But today I'm ready for sprinkles.

Happy weekend!

J xx

Check out Maddie on Things for more on this adorable rescued Coonhound!


Baubles & Stems

Sunday is for Sunday best, and my new Ann Taylor necklace and Topshop earrings fit the bill.  I had such a nice day; it finally felt like spring and I enjoyed a yummy brunch at Café Fiorentina with great friends.  So if I was to show you anything today that matched my mood - precious pearls, sparkling gems and fresh flowers are it.  Here's to many more Sundays just like today!

J xx  

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