Sweatshirts & Bling

I love this trend!  Pairing a blingy necklace with a cozy sweatshirt is such a fantastic contradiction.  Your dramatic jewels are no longer reserved for those 'once in a blue moon' black tie events.  Casual sweaters with bling have an antique vibe.  And those of us who love antiques, love it for their distinct patina - 90% polish/ 10% tarnish.  So if you're rocking this trend, you kinda look like a walking antique.  But in a GOOD way!  When balanced by the cute, fashion forward gal wearing it - BOOM!  You've officially tickled my fancy.  Fashion is so fun, isn't it?!

J xx


The Maasai Project

I just learned of The Maasai Project; a joint marketing effort with Pikolinos footwear and 1,600 women from The Maasai Tribe in Kenya and Northern Tanzania.  The project aims to improve the quality of living for the Maasai communities and the profits from this collection go to the Maasai women, who receive a fair wage allowing them to support their families, their culture, and lifestyle, and to have access to basic needs such as food and medicine (Pikolinos).  Pikolinos distributes their leathers among the villages and the women embroider them and their beautiful designs are sent back to Pikolinos' production facility in Elche, Spain where they're made into footwear and accessories.

The lovely Olivia Palermo is this year's ambassador of the project and who better to spread the word to the fashion and blogging communities!  Click here to shop the Maasai-Pikolinos Collection for gorgeous sandals and bags. And check out this video and amazing photos from Olivia's recent visit to Kenya.  I just hope they soon introduce jewelry into the mix, handcrafted by the talented Maasai women - so stunning!

J xx


Pastel Invasion

They're here!  Have you fallen victim to their unabashedly girly charm?  Pastels are back in town and making me itch for warmer weather.  Tonight I painted my nails with Estée Lauder's 'Lilac Leather' lacquer (say that 3 times fast) from their 'Heavy Petals', spring '13 collection.  My nails look fab and I have a feeling the other goodies I gathered here will have the same effect.  Embrace the pastel invasion - it means spring is almost here!  

J xx



Check out my new agate coasters from HomeSense!  If there's any excuse to demonstrate good manners, this is it.  So feminine and chic.  Agate is a crystallized formation most commonly found in volcanic rocks.  I can't get over their array of stunning colours.  They have a psychedelic, earthy vibe and can make for fabulous statement pieces.  I highly recommend a set of coasters; even if left unused - they'll look amazing just sitting there!

J xx


Metallic Fusion

I adore this colour combination: cream, peach, sage green, and silver and gold metallics.  It's soft and earthy, yet the hints of metallic add a touch of glam.  How great is that textured wallpaper?!  And this Metallic Striped Cowhide Pillow from Barneys is a work of art.  Plus - a Tom Dixon 'Eclectic' Candle with marble lid is at the top of everyone's list right now!  I just need to find out who makes that wallpaper...  

J xx

Pillow Play

I have a brown sofa bed in my living room that has served me well over the years.  But it has a loose back spring that makes the most annoying sound every time I sit down.  Plus, it looks very 90s.  So, I did what any girl on a budget would do.  I purchased throw pillows to try and deflect attention from the couch that is oh-so brown.  I quite like the colours and textures of my pillows.  The trouble is that decorating has a domino effect; I'm now thinking about new paint colours, new artwork and of course - a new couch.  But in the end I'm reminded that I can't have it all.  For now I've got my pillows and my blog and that shall be enough.

J xx


Mon Oncle

I love this French movie poster illustrated by Pierre Étaix for Mon Oncle film director Jacques Tati.  I first noticed this poster featured in Cameron Diaz's fictional home in The Holiday.  I love it for the happy orange colour, sweet graphics and perky little dachshund.  I actually haven't seen Mon Oncle, but I'm almost afraid to see it for fear that it could change my feelings about the poster.  In any case, I'm seriously thinking about hanging this print in my living room.  The only downside is incurring the cost of getting it professionally framed.  Hmm...what to do.  

J xx

Tommi Parzinger (1903–1981)

Oh, what money can buy!  I've recently learned of the stunning artistry of Tommi Parzinger, a German furniture designer and painter who started his first company in New York in 1939.  These days, Parzinger antiques fetch for big bucks, upwards of $10-20k.  His designs, considered "high-style modernism" involved costly, craft-intensive materials and processes like brass work and lacquer (Wiki)..   Clean lines, gorgeous rich colours, and deco infused patterns - these pieces light up any space.  Want. Need. Must have!

J xx


Busting with Joy

What is it about decorating with bust forms?  We seem to be crazy about them, and I think I understand why they make us so happy.  They add instant sophistication to any vignette or space, and they command your attention simply in virtue of being quirky and a little out of place.  These things were once reserved for museums - a place where we marvel at things foreign and rare and of historical importance.  Nowadays they're sitting atop your tables and nestled in your bookcases - a fab way to let your guests know just how special your home really is.   

J xx


Like Bedroom, Like Living Room

These rooms are among my all time favourites in bedroom and living room decor.  And wouldn't you know it - they share a very similar aesthetic.  I'm crazy for the clean lines, soft cool tones, and the mix of modern / Victorian furniture and accessories.  Both rooms are very pretty, yet they have a touch of gothic influence which is characteristic of Victorian design.  Girly with an edge.  That's the way I roll, darling!

J xx


To You, From Me

When it comes to valentines, vintage is always better.  

J xx

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