"Creamsicle" by Taylor Hannah Architect Inc.

"Creamsicle" was my favourite design featured at IDS12, Toronto's Interior Design Show. The room was no more than 200 square feet and yet it was liveable, complete with a full kitchen, bathtub, toilet, couch, bed, 2 dressers, 2 bar fridges, and a flat screen TV! It was like the perfect little hotel room.  And I LOVE the orange! For more stunning designs, visit Taylor Hannah Architect online. 

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Blog Podium, Interior Design Show 2012

This weekend I attended Blog Podium, a talk seminar hosted by IDS12, Toronto's Interior Design Show. The panel included Kimberley Seldon - Design Editor of Chatelaine Magazine and Host of HGTV's “Design for Living”, Margot Austin - Senior Style Editor for House & Home Magazine, Kate Moore - CityLine Producer, Jennifer Flores - Published Blogger, and Co-Founder of Blog Podium, and Moderator - Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, Cityline Guest Expert.

I was particularly drawn to Margot Austin's comments.  She didn't hesitate to disagree with the rest of the panel with regards to what makes a design blog 'good'.  Whereas they cited featuring original work as most important, Margot addressed the prevalence of 'industry support' blogs which are important to raise awareness and have the ability to make design experts out of all of us.

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Bloggers who attended the seminar were featured in the Blog Podium official handout, which I must say - is rather exciting to see.  There's something about seeing yourself in print that makes you feel pretty special.  I could get used to this!

I've got more to share from IDS12, so check back soon for updates! 



Liv Tyler

What does one do with a face like this?
Holy. Cow.

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This print is so fabulous! Based out of Hauppauge, New York, Scalamandré manufactures beautiful fabrics, trimmings, wall-coverings, furnishings and accessories.  Franco Scalamandré (1898, Italy - 1988, New York) was co-founder of Scalamandré Inc.  Fun fact: when Jacqueline Kennedy redecorrated The White House she required the reproduction of a magnificent 19th century silk.  She commissioned Franco Scalamandré for the task. source 

Today, the company is praised around the world for its quality, taste and style and can be found in just about every major design and home decor publication. Fun fact: this zebra print premiered in 1930s New York at Gino's restaurant on Lexington Avenue. Sadly Gino's closed its doors in 2010, but the restaurant's signature zebra print wallpaper lives on in chic homes and Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums. source

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Beautiful Range Hoods

Image: This Old House

Image: Luxist

Image: Attic Mag

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Do Love

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French Girl

Can I be her?

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Lips, Flicks & Chicks

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm is a must have for any gal who aspires to perfect the just-rolled-out-of-bed, impossibly fresh-faced bombshell look.  At just $5 a pop, these moisturizing balms come in poppy tints that'll brighten up your face.  I couldn't help but snag all 4 colors: Cherry Me, Grape Vine, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss.  They smell delicious too!

I love this movie for so many reasons: 1) it's set in beautiful Paris, 2) it takes us to 1890s Belle Époque and transports us to 1920s Paris nightlife, 3) you meet some legendary novelists and artists from the past, 4) Corey Stoll who plays Ernest Hemingway is hilarious, 5) it stars my girl crush Rachel McAdams, and 6) Woody Allen's script and Owen Wilson's charm are a match made in heaven!

In Midnight in Paris, Rachel's character Inez is nothing like her beloved character Allie.  Her casual chic style is perhaps Inez's most admirable asset, and yet her agitating character only reaffirms Rachel's talent, and of course, my crush!

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His Way

"I may sound old-fashioned, but I want to think all women should be treated like I want my wife, daughters, and granddaughters to be treated. I notice today that good manners—like standing up when a woman enters the room, helping a woman with her coat, letting her enter an elevator first, taking her arm to cross the street—are sometimes considered unnecessary or a throwback. These are habits I could never break, nor would I want to. I realize today a lot more women are taking care of themselves than in the past, but no woman is offended by politeness."  - Frank Sinatra

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You never can tell...

Image: Tulip Louise

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From Hockey to Groceries

Maple Leaf Gardens, home to the Toronto Maple Leafs and the National Hockey League from 1931-1999 was recently converted into a Loblaws supermarket. The faint hope for the revival of the treasured hockey arena is dead, but not without tribute.  Arena chairs were given to past season ticket holders as a souvenir, and an art installation in the form of a maple leaf made from arena chairs hangs on the entrance wall of the supermarket. Plus, center ice will live on in the condiments isle marked by a red dot on the floor.

I miss the arena, but I love the new supermarket - it's gorgeous! They have the largest assortment of food brands and products you can imagine. And there's a bakery, cheese wall, sushi bar, deli and patisserie, to name just a few. You could really spend an afternoon here and consider it time well spent.

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Need This Dress

Minka Kelly.  Stunning.

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P & R

Wishing you a very peaceful and relaxing 2012.

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