Cloche Crush

It all started with a single glance at Cire Trudon's exquisite retail candle display (below, top right).  Those shiny cloches with bourgeoning fragrances harbouring inside the glass.  And just like a decadent cake elegantly displayed in a domed stand, styling objects beneath a glass cloche creates the very same covet factor.  So naturally, I set out to find myself a couple cloches to enhance my greek bust and diptyque candle.  Lovely, right?  Things appear extra special under glass.

J xx


City of Angels

I'm off to L.A. for a mini vacay with my girlfriends!  Catch you on the flip side!

J xx 


Pretty Pumpkin Roundup

Top L-R:  flowers | studded | metallic
Bottom L-R:  glitter | decoupage | carved | lace

Bloom it, stud it, shine it, glitter it, decoupage it, carve it, lace it - any way you like it!  So many inspiring pumpkin decorating DIYs to try.  Click here to see my pumpkin DIY last year;  this year's pumpkin project is TBD, but I'm especially loving the decoupage idea.  We all love a classic jack-o'-lantern, but sometimes a girl just wants to demonstrate her decorating prowess.  And pumpkins - they should be very afraid.   

J xx


Hallows' Eve Tablescape

There may not be goblins and ghouls at the dinner table, but who invited them anyway.  Cire Trudon's Napoleon bust candle as part of the table's centrepiece has a ghostly vibe, while the Melody Rose gold-rimmed plate featuring an eerie image of a naked couple sets the right tone for a Halloween inspired tablescape.  Plus, the edgy Juliska urn and Kelly Wearstler vase adds a touch of gothic studded glamour.  Add a few small gilded pumpkins to the centrepiece to finish off the look, and you've got yourself a dark and fabulous Hallows' Eve tablescape!  

J xx
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