Oscar (Party) Best

Dita Von Teese in Jenny Packham at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party.  That dress is exquisite. Definitely my favourite dress to make it out for Oscar festivities.  

J xx


Meryl's Moment

As many of you silently applauded your favourite actors while watching the 84th Annual Academy Awards, there was me who screamed at the TV and overzealously fist pumped (à la Arsenio Hall) when Meryl Streep won her third Oscar for Lead Actress in The Iron Lady.  

This was the scene from my couch where it all went down:

...I'm sure my scream startled my neighbours, but I just couldn't help but feel the jovial satisfaction of her long overdue victory since her wins in '82 for Sophie's Choice and '79 for Kramer vs. Kramer.  And how great was Meryl's acceptance speech! This truly was the night's golden moment: 

Congratulations Meryl!

J xx


Shanghai Cowgirl: Legendary Grilled Cheese

When I think sinfully delicious food - I think Shanghai Cowgirl's grilled cheese sandwich with a side of slim-cut sweet potato fries.  The rock n' roll diner is a Queen West hot spot in downtown Toronto open late all week long.  I suggest you make every effort to go and order the havarti, jalepeno and avocado grilled cheese sandwich with garlic butter and tomato.  Don't forget the wasabi mayo for dipping.  You'll thank me big time!

J xx


My Style Hero: Claudia Schiffer

For me this is the top. This is the pinnacle of classic, feminine style. I am obsessed. From this day forward I pledge allegiance to the fashion force that is Claudia Schiffer.  (Note to self: must find orange scarf.)

J xx


Look at Them

My mom had been looking for this photo after the move and yesterday she finally found it. She loves this photo of my brother and I hangin' with pops and his old softball team. Look at them. 26 years ago these guys were presumably happy to get their photo taken after the game. After the big win maybe. Some of the guys are smiling, others laughing. I remember some of them, a few more vaguely. (mostly the ones with the moustaches) That's the funny thing about photos - we think they'll save what time loses. But they don't really. And maybe it's ok that we don't remember all the details 26 years later. Just that we were content at the time. I mean, really, what else is there to know? We were good. It really is that black and white.

J xx


Perfect Pairing: Gold & Taupe

Image Source Unknown

Image Source Unknown

J xx


Macaroon Trinket Boxes

If your heart skips a beat at the mere sight of a French macaroon, then boy have I found something for you!  Macaroon Trinket Boxes by Two's Company. How darling! What a cute gift for your bridesmaids or any girl who wishes she were born and raised Parisian. I found mine at one of my favourite shops, Teatro Verde. Unfortunately they're not widely available to purchase online, but I've managed to find one small retailer that sells them here. I came close to buying the whole box of macaroons... Having to choose just one of six perfect colours is torture. Blue and green - I'll never forget you!  

J xx

3.27.2012 - UPDATE:  Trinket boxes can be purchased online here!


Where there's cigarette, there's smoke.

You could say it all started with Audrey Hepburn's dance sequence in Funny Face, where she frolicked her way into our hearts wearing those cigarette pants and a cool pair of loafers, a.k.a. 'smoking slippers'. Evidently this look is a keeper. Which is why I've been determined to find a pair of loafers that are equally as comfortable and chic as they are affordable.  Thanks to TOPSHOP, I now own two pairs I can wear the hell out of like I do my black leggings.  From cigarette pants to smoking slippers, it appears you can't have one without the other.

J xx


By_Lissoni Lounge

Italian designer Piero Lissoni created this lounge for IDS12.  The room was crisp and sophisticated, yet the natural colours and the various pieces of African art gave the room an earthy feel.  I loved how the room was illuminated by the skylight; it enhanced the rich tan and orange colours in the books that lined the bookcases.  But perhaps most interesting to me was the marble slab coffee tables paired with the low seated couch which somehow manages to be both unnoticeable at first, and yet is among the room's greatest features.
J xx

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