Marbled Egg

I felt it would be a shame to let Easter pass by without decorating an egg.  So I poured a few drops of nail polish in a bowl of water, blended the colours with a toothpick and then fully immersed the egg in the water.  Dunk the egg a couple times to get the desired marble effect, then let dry and voila!  

Happy Easter!

J xx


Objects of Your Affection

I grew up in a home filled with little decorative things or 'doodads' as my friend used to call them.  My dad collected antique things and mom teetered between farm house and cottage country decor.  Every time my friend came over, she marvelled over our 'doodads' and was mystified that there was always something new to look at.  Mom had a solid rotation of decorations to keep things interesting and always lovely.  So the need to decorate with pretty things has stuck with me.  They're an expression of one's taste and personality and these little curiosities can be the highlight of a well styled coffee table, shelf or mantel. 

You don't have to look far to find inspiration for the perfect object to style your space.  The possibilities are endless!  To help you narrow the list here's a look at some top trending decorative objects.  Which one (or two or three) would you choose?   

J xx


This Mirror

Featured in The New Eighteenth-Century Home by Michèle Lalande and photographer Gilles Trillard.

No words...

J xx


Rooster Coffee House

I met two of my best friends for coffee this afternoon at The Rooster Coffee House on Broadview Avenue.  It's a sunny and bright (but cold!) day so it was the perfect opportunity to catch up and enjoy a latte.  Especially when the shop is this adorable!  I love the rustic country accents with vintage personality - such a cozy atmosphere.  I must visit more often!   

J xx

Baseball Caps

Baseball hats to cap off a polished outfit.  I like this!  It's sexy cool and sometimes you just want the anonymity you get from hiding under a hat.  But I wouldn't count on flying under the radar with this look because it surprises people; it's a titillating contradiction.   I had a guy stop me to tell me he liked my hat and asked what team it was. Sporting this look may just be that conversation starter you were hoping for!

J xx


Light & Bright


It was a leisurely weekend enhanced by the beautiful warm weather. I strolled the neighbourhood, checked out some of my fav shops and decided I didn't need an excuse to buy myself flowers. It was light and bright and that was reason enough to let go, relax and enjoy the little bits of beauty.

J xx



Flamingo Fun

Nothing says 'fun in the sun' quite like flamingos.  Sayonara winter! 

J xx


Mad Love for Margherita

Margherita at her wedding - Town & Country

This girl.  Can we all just stop for a moment to appreciate?  I am mad crushing on Margherita Missoni - heir to the Missoni fashion dynasty, for those of you who prefer rock living.  She seems to be so many things all at once - hippie, warrior princess, designer, model; a seemingly natural beauty who you'd love to hate but just can't.  I get the impression that she lives in her own beauty bubble as evident by her unique style - cool and collected, unfazed by everything else; popping patterns like it's nobody's business.  Yes, maybe this is a strong impression to have of a person I'll likely never meet, but girls will be girls and I prefer to harbor my obsessions.  I just started following her on Instagram (@mmmargherita)!  I can just picture my boyfriend reading this right now, shaking his head and wondering what the hell he's gonna do with me.  But I think he secretly digs my crazy.

J xx

A 'Bumpkin-less' Country Kitchen

Here's a little peak around my kitchen.  I live in an older house with a kitchen that has traditional country bones, so without emphasizing the 'bumpkin' in 'country' I decided to do it justice and paint everything white for a fresh, clean look.  I decorated with vintage reds, blues and mints to hint of the French countryside, and I polished off the look with glossy white dishes and marble accents.  Perhaps the coolest piece is the old Redpath sugar sac that I purchased at a flea market and mounted to an art canvas.  For my next kitchen - I'm going full throttle MODERN. Bah, I'd be hard-pressed to convince anyone of that! 

J xx


Cire Trudon

I love when things cease to be what they are to become something greater.  Case in point: Cire Trudon's wax bust candles.  Is it a candle bust? Or a bust candle?  Ha ha!  Whatever it is, it's REALLY good looking.  Cire Trudon began selling wax in France in 1643. Their candles prospered to become the appointed wax manufacturer for the royal court, and ultimately lit the last days of Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution"(TISLstyle).  I adore the Napoleon and Marie Antoinette busts!  I gotta see Cire Trudon's flagship store in Paris for myself.  Well, I just need to go back to Paris - period.

J xx

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