(RED) Hot Adler

The (STARBUCKS)RED Jonathan Adler Ceramic To-Go Cup is beautiful and practical for a great cause! With each To-Go Cup purchase, Starbucks will contribute $1 to the Global Fund, to benefit children and adults living with HIV, helping to save lives in Africa. Beauty and compassion in combination with its awesome twist lock cap make this cup a must-have!

J xx


Freshly Squeezed

Color is thirst quenching, like freshly squeezed juice on ice. Take for example the KitchenAid Blender in Pear, or Anthropologie's Ikat Mini Bowls.  And to everyone's delight, Coralie Bickford's beautifully designed Clothbound Penguin Classics for Children. Standard items are made irresistible in bright, happy colors! Very refreshing.  

J xx


Sirop d'érable

I just picked up this Maple Candle from Roots and it reminds me of everything I love about Christmas in Canada. I love the authentic tin maple syrup can, nutrition facts and all!  I've seen these candles on the gift circuit for quite some time, but never before with a wood wick! Thanks Roots!  Now I can cozy up by the tree and listen to the soft crackle of my maple candle burning away the hours. Joy!

J xx


Diptyque Paris

A gorgeous candle always gets me.  I have tons of beautiful candles, but when they look this good I can't resist another! Diptyque's Winter Holiday Collection is scented in pine (green), orange spice (red) and frankincense (blue).  The perfect holiday hostess gift, these candles deserve a spot in your home too!

J xx



As far as cute goes, this takes the cake.  A mother of two from Texas knits these adorable baby hats and set up shop on Etsy.Sweetpeatoad knits make the perfect gift for the little one on your list. Handcrafted and beautiful. You simply can't go wrong!

J xx


Tinsel Filled Icicles

I'm not tinsel's biggest fan.  It feels weird and looks a bit messy on a tree.  Even so, I love that tinsel reminds me of my childhood Christmas trees; tinsel included, those trees were perfect to me.  So as you can imagine, these Tinsel Filled Icicles from Terrain have found me a happy medium.  A little update to an old fashion tree trimming tradition. I love it!

J xx


M-CUPS™ by Fred

I've held off buying new measuring cups to replace my current tough-to-clean, 10-in-1 measuring contraption because I simply haven't found a more practical set that's cute enough.  But then came M-CUPS™ by Fred! This set of 6 dry-measure cups nests neatly just like traditional Russian matryoshkas. They measure 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 full cup, and they’re built from heavy-duty, food-safe, long-life engineering plastics. Sold! Where do I pay? 

J xx


Camilla Belle

Belle indeed.  Love Camilla's style.  I'm not sure she could ever look bad, and you might even yawn at the mere mention of her because it's not like she has to try hard to look so perfect, but I just couldn't resist blogging about her.  I hate to say it, but her loveliness is inspiring. I know...I'm so predictable.

J xx


Palace Stacking Dinnerware

How cool is Seletti's Palace Stacking Dinnerware?! Space saving, decorative and architectural dinnerware all in one! Picture it as the centerpiece of your dinner party spread, and your guests watch as you whimsically fan out the pieces to set the table... L.O.V.E.  

J xx


Want it, need it, will become fat for it.  Well, I don't actually 'need' it - but I can't take my eyes off the pistachio KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer.  I will bake for it.  I know I'm not alone in believing KitchenAid mixers take a kitchen to the next level of heartiness, but the pistachio colored mixer makes me feel all sorts of good crazy!  It serves as motivation to become my kitchen's greatest asset. It could happen!

J xx


Boo-tiful Halloween

My style of Halloween decor just so happens to be the genius of Martha Stewart and her team of craft prodigies. Seriously, how can you resist a sparkly pumpkin? And spooky wine labels and stenciled powdered-sugar silhouette cakes, oh my! Boo-tiful, just boo-tiful!

And these beauties? Amazeballs!

J xx

Image: Country Living Oct. '08 via Dress Design Decor


Ghosts of Princesses Past

Not as scary as can be, but as scary as I'm willing to be on Halloween. My girlfriends and I are attending one of Toronto's biggest Halloween parties at Steam Whistle Brewery this Saturday. And Snow White, Pocahontas, Ariel and Tinker Bell will be misbehaving for one night only!  Prince Charming better bring it, or he...will...be...played (insert evil laugh here).  Happy Halloween!

J xx


The Way She Was

Barbra Streisand as 'K-K-K-Katie' in The Way We Were was b-b-b-beautiful! And her styling no less!  While watching this movie, I felt the pangs of envy in every scene for her 70s clothing and her perfectly shaded baby blues!

I wish I could hire a tailor to replicate Barbra's clothing in this movie. Wouldn't that be amazing? I just love the cut of 70s fashion...

Oh, Babs... Thank you for the meeeeeemories!

J xx


Christmas Vacation

Allow me to get this off my chest: I CAN'T WAIT FOR CHRISTMAS SO I CAN WATCH NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION!!! I adore this movie, it brings me good old fashion merriment every holiday.  I just picked up Hallmark's 'Vacation' Keepsake Ornament and I figure I need to host a viewing party complete with t-shirts and Eggnog Moose Mugs. Can't hardly wait!

J xx


Tie Dye Hair Ties

I don't think I've ever really recuperated from the hair scrunchie disaster of the 80s.  Scrunchies were nothing but strong elastics rendered useless from excessive scrunched up fabric.  The damn things never stayed in place, and one was constantly trying to retighten their ponytails by doing what I call 'the split and pull'.  So when I found these tie dye hair ties by Bop Bijoux I overreacted a little.  These pretty pieces of elasticized fabric should have been the scrunchie prototype.  Ah well, I guess we all have to start somewhere.

J xx


She Knows

This girl knows.  And she knows it too.  If you want to find out what she knows, visit her blog My Daily Style.  Her fashion is addictive.  And I definitely want to know what she knows. I guess some people just know, you know?

J xx


Big Home, Little House

October's issue of Country Living features Euro Trash designer Lizzie Carney's 1000-square-foot Jacksonville, Illinois bungalow. Lizzie shows us how to live large in a little house without the clutter or constant yearning for more space.  

I love everything about this kitchen. The pop of blue, the sleek chairs against the rustic island, the shelving arrangement, the perfect little door, etc., etc., etc.!

Fine dining in your wine cellar is brilliant! Why should your wine live alone amongst the dust in the basement? This is a lesson in using the space you have to its utmost potential!

We all want a walk-in closet. If you're fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom, what would you rather - a guest room used a couple times a year, or a walk-in closet enjoyed every day?  Besides, sharing your own bed is a very 'hospitable' thing to do.

J xx


Rich Like Chocolate

You can't go wrong with chocolate, which is why you'll love Chloé's Paraty Tote, OPI's 'I'm Suzi and I'm a chocoholic' nail lacquer, Minnetonka's Kilty Suede Moc, and Philosophy's Fudge Cake Bubble Bath. Wow - that was a mouth full of chocolate! If you're at all skeptical that this may not be your color, remember - it's not brown. It's c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e.

J xx



Polli is an Australian company founded in 2006 by Maja and Tess, two design graduates from the University of Technology in Sydney.  I stumbled upon their unique line of home and fashion accessories while drifting through the blogosphere.  I love Polli's stainless steel Amsterdam Necklace inspired by the series of quirky buildings along the canals in Amsterdam.  Cute, cute, cute.

J xx

Barbie® by Christian Louboutin

These days, Barbie's smokin' hot and for grown-up girls who love designer shoes! The limited edition Dolly Forever Barbie® doll by Christian Louboutin comes with Barbie's own red-soled Forever Tina fringed boots, Differa sandals, Barcelona wedges and Mary Janes; just a few of Louboutin's most celebrated designs. Plus, you can even purchase a souvenir calendar diary entitled My Year in Paris with Christian Louboutin where Barbie documents their jet-setting adventures, including attending a renowned film festival, luxuriating at Christian's country estate, and strolling the City of Lights. Lucky bitch.

J xx


Alive and Well

I wish I had a story to go along with this picture; I know about as much as you can deduce from it. This is an example of good old fashion romance that only an air of mystery could make perfect. Someone, somewhere is a dreamer. This park bench plaque is a much needed reminder that romance is indeed, alive and well.

J xx


Khaki Fields

I love Chanel's limited edition Khaki Le Vernis collection. The nature-inspired shades evoke dreams of walking through a grass field in early fall to the tune of John Denver's 'Sunshine on My Shoulders'. I'd be strolling through that field wearing Calypso's Pintuck Dress; so soft and feminine. And when I hit pavement, I'd anchor the look by slapping on Yves St. Laurent's 'Sexy Blackberry' Lipstick. And the Prada Caramel Saffiano Tote...well, that's one for the road!

J xx


The Mouseketeer Kid

When The Pretty Purveyor was born, I intended to blog about all things pretty in the world of home decor, fashion and lifestyle. So, it's a bit of stretch to fit Ryan Gosling into this equation. But the man is 'pretty' (molten lava hot). I have a wee bit of a crush on Ryan (obsession). He grew up in my hometown and I remember seeing him on the playground at a joint elementary school function - the particulars of that event I can't remember, but at the time he was known as 'the Mouseketeer kid'. Back then he was scrawny, and now he compliments my bedroom style. Yes...that's exactly how he fits into this equation.

J xx


Thoughts on a Skirt

Love this skirt. Love this outfit. Love the stylists who put this outfit together for Anthropologie. While I'm on the love train, I may as well give props to the beautiful horse too. And the photo of course, I can't forget the artistry behind the photo. I wonder if I could pull off wearing this skirt...heck - I wonder if you could. Success with this skirt might be narrow hip and horse dependent. If you're brave enough to take this skirt out of the grass field and into the office, then I salute you. Anyway.

J xx


TIFF Lovelies

Toronto is abuzz with all things TIFF, but I haven't been paying much attention beyond a quick scroll through online photos. But I got excited when I learned that 3 of my girl crushes are breathing the same air as I am, at least for now. I know what you're thinking - beauty's not everything - and I agree! But they dress so well, and they look so pretty, and they're great actresses. Plus - Alexis, Rachel and Freida are among the classy starlets, nes pas? Love 'em!

J xx


Cupcake Carousel

Nothing is worse than having to carry your freshly iced cupcakes in a boring plastic container. Or WORSE - on a plate covered with plastic wrap! With the adorable Cupcake Carousel by Fox Run Brands, your petits gâteaux will arrive in style. Add to cart, checkout now!

J xx


Busy, Busy

I'm taking a short break from blogging. I'll be back before you know it!

J xx


House of Harlow

I heart House of Harlow. I haven't yet spotted her pieces in Toronto, but word on the street tells me Holt Renfrew carries her jewelry. Nicole wears her creations brilliantly, especially when she's sporting simple loose-fitting shirts and dresses. A lover of loose-fit myself, Nicole's pieces are the eye-catching accessories I need to dress up my outfits. I am officially on the lookout!

J xx

Photograph Table Runner

A table runner made of old photographs randomly linked together. What a lovely idea! This is an excellent way to entertain guests as they eat and a great excuse to gush about happy memories. Perfect for an engagement party dinner setting or any dinner party with a smaller number of guests, because lord knows the longer the guest list, the longer the table runner - and the longer it'll take you to put together. Either way, this is a special idea for a special celebration!

J xx


Rare Glimpse

If you caught a glimpse inside my head at this very moment you'd see that I wanted 3 things in the immediate term: a tour of Italy, to find my Roberto (preferably his identical twin), and the classic Chanel quilted bag. Just so we're clear - this post was inspired by the lack thereof. I'm fresh out of ideas today, so I thought this post could serve as an open letter to the universe: give me what I want. Please and thank you.

J xx


Flour Power

Oh, how I love KitchenAid Stand Mixers. I rarely bake, but given an instruction manual and a couple kick ass recipes I'm sure I'll learn to make use of one. KitchenAid mixers are symbolic of a healthy kitchen, and I can't help but imagine myself covered in flour, baking up a storm in some gorgeous country kitchen. What presence they have seen here in store at Sears. I want one in every colour!

J xx


Hamper Happy

I'd be happy to leave laundry laying around for days so long as it was hanging out of this perfect French Wire Hamper from Pottery Barn.  This basket is so lovely it deserves to be displayed out in the open which is especially ideal for apartment living where there is often little room to store and hide away unsightly furnishings. Love!

J xx


Dragon Tattoo Girl

Steig Larsson's Millennium Trilogy is brilliant fiction and you are seriously amiss if you've chosen to ignore the hype surrounding these novels. The characters are so well written, the strength of their resolve is near tangible. The series' heart Lisbeth Salander is mad at the world (with good reason) and expresses her anger violently (with good reason) and has a style sense to match. If my girl Salander wasn't a fictional character, I'd call her up and commend her on her honest duds and recommend she try these on for size.

J xx

(1) Old Navy, Fall 2010 Motorcycle Jacket
(2) Treesje, Jet Crimson Bag
(3) Frye, Rogan Engineer Studded Boot
(4) See by Chloé, Low Rise Skinny Jeans


Blue Kitchen

Image: Cococozy

First came the pink kitchen, now comes the blue kitchen. Blue is my favorite color. But would I have chosen blue cabinets for my dream kitchen? Nope. Until now. This shade of blue is so rich set against the walnut-stained hardwood flooring. The glossy cabinet finish adds polish and catches the light to brighten up the space. This kitchen feels warmly sophisticated and I love it!

J xx


Gals & Garbs

There's The Devil Wears Prada and Sex and the City, but for me there is more importantly, Stealing Beauty and Love Story.  The fashion in these movies epitomized my romantic ideals and shaped my style aspirations.   I am so taken with Liv Tyler and Ali MacGraw and their cinematic 'je ne sais quoi' that my subconscious self has directed my style choices accordingly.  I don't mind following trends, but I will never veer too far from home base.  On the spectrum of style, this is exactly where I want to be.

J xx


Pink Kitchen

Image: Casasugar

Never in a million years did I think I would love a kitchen with pink cupboards but this really works!  The single bottom row of pink cupboards creates a streamline effect and becomes the focal point of this modest country kitchen. The contrasting dark-stained shelves for plates and jars make it acceptable to showcase the cupboards so distinctly. I absolutely love this!

J xx

Baby Cocoon

I love Baby Barolo's Sleeping Cocoon.  This real goose down sleeping bag is suitable from birth to approximately 4 months and can be used in the crib, carriage or for bringing baby home from the hospital.  How precious and cozy!

J xx

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