Rustic Refuge

There's a chill in the air that doesn't want to let up.  But I have found that warmth can be felt in places that exude rustic elegance.  So, I'm going to find me a place where I can rest my eyes in dimly lit spaces and soak them in rich colours.  Wood at my fingertips and beneath my feet, I'll stay warm enough to get me through the weekend.  

J xx


Pain Perdu

Last night I learned that French is among the Romantic languages in part because their words in most cases do not have literal meaning to us English speaking 'non-romantics'. My friend's very French fiancé Christophe schooled us on the French language having grown up in a small town somewhere outside of Lyon, France. He also schooled us on how to be funny... but I digress.

What I'm trying to say here is that French translations are mostly metaphoric in nature. Case in point - 'pain perdu' which in English means 'French toast'. 'Perdu' translated in English means 'lost' - so apparently to French folk - changing the physical state of an ordinary piece of bread (soaked in egg and fried) has caused such distress to the bread that it can only be described as 'lost'. Well, I can assure you the next time I eat French toast I'm going to gobble up every last crumb of it; at least it'll have a good home.  All that French toast talk last night has got me craving it this morning in a really big way. Check out this recipe I found at Smitten Kitchen for Crème Brûlée French Toast.  Mmmmmm!

Who is that guy in the photo you ask? That's the charismatic Frenchman himself, Christophe. He and my girl Lindsey live in this chic condo. I thought I'd take this opportunity to give you a peak at their lovely abode.

Perhaps my favourite part of their condo are the antique yardsticks mounted on the wall.  Definitely a conversation piece, but they plan on marking off the day, month and year on the yardsticks respectively to signify their wedding date.  Romantic right? Now, about that French toast...

J xx


Isabel Marant Sneakers

Isabel Marant Sneakers are the 'it' high fashion sneaker among the long-legged ladies of fashion. For me they bring to mind astronauts, 'Back to the Future' and Japanese anime all at once. But their exaggerated lines are precisely why they work - they're a play on proportion, and Chiara of The Blonde Salad shows us how these sneakers - in all their puffy high-top glory - can balance out a chic outfit. I'm not convinced I could pull these off, but I'd certainly like to pull these on because they look so darn comfortable!

J xx

Alessandra Ambrosio, Beyonce

Kate Bosworth


Queen Anne Tea Cup

Behold my latest flea market find: a lovely antique Queen Anne tea cup.  I fell in love with the minty green colour and gold accents, and at just $5 I couldn't pass it up.  It's so darn pretty!  Now to decide if I'm actually going to drink from it or start a mini antique tea cup collection.  Hmm. I'll do both!  And then I'll have my girlfriends over to drink tea from my PRETTY LITTLE TEA CUPS!  Oh, what a rush.

J xx


Basic Face

In 1996 I was 16 years old when Cindy Crawford's Basic Face makeup 'how-to' hit bookshelves.  I loved this book!  Though I can't tell you I actually read it, I was mostly mesmerized by the pictures...  All I needed was a few photo examples of what a fresh face with makeup could look like.  I since vowed to enhance what my mamma gave me with colours near to my natural tones and with as little of it as possible.

I'm often asked what cosmetics I use and for tips on how to apply it; I suppose this means Cindy taught me well.  So, for those near and dear, and for my lovely blog followers - if your interest permits, allow me to share my 'basic face' with you.  This isn't riveting stuff - but next time you're in the cosmetics department and you choose to go basic for beauty then this post will have been worth it.

6. Bobbi Brown, Creamy Concealer (Ivory)

If I leave you with one tip...
The appearance of unblemished skin is key to getting that fresh-faced glow.  Use two types of concealer - one that is lightweight and glides easily between your fingers for spotting over blemishes. This way you can layer the concealer to fully cover the blemish without  caking up your skin.  And the other with a creamy, tackier texture for under eye concealing.  Under eye shadows call for a slightly thicker concealer which will also help catch the light (especially in photographs).

And of course...

Photos via DCBenA5

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