Bathing Girl

Well isn't this clever.  She's bathing in your tea!  Adorable.  The complete tea set featuring different bathing ladies along with the matching tea pot is available online at Dutch by Design.  You might opt for black tea so she has a little more privacy. (ahem, couldn't resist.)

J xx


Do you remember this performance? Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris performed Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" for the Hope for Haiti telecast. A stunning vocal...

Then there was K.D. Lang's haunting rendition at the 2010 Winter Olympics. I don't think anyone will ever top that performance.

J xx


Pink & Red

Emma Stone is a ball of fire.  Her pink and red frock set against her ivory skin and gorgeous red hair is tantalizing.  Zoe Saldana and Julianne Moore are just as lovely, proving that pink and red are made for each other.  And I think it's safe to say the same about Emma and her lipstick. Love!

J xx


A Racing Torrent of Emotion

If you're one of those people who think Niagara Falls has completely lost its sense of wonder, I say lighten up!  Sure, the wax museums and Ripley's monstrosities A through Z are super cheesy and disturbing, but you just can't turn your back on a city that was once deemed 'the honeymoon capital of the world.'  Info Niagara boasts, "one word can be used to describe why thousands of honeymooners...come to [Niagara Falls] each year - Romance."  Late director, Henry Hathaway even equated the Falls with Marilyn Monroe's sex appeal in his 1953 film-noir 'Niagara'.  The trailer is so sensational (and hilarious) you must watch it!

Marilyn Monroe, Niagara Falls, 1953

Now don't get me wrong - I too am repulsed by the notion that Niagara Falls once surpassed Paris, France as the most romantic city in the world, but this is yet another reason why your opinion on the Falls is entirely dependent on your sense of humor.

Niagara Falls is a package deal; you need to take the old with the new. So if you diss Niagara, you're practically pissing on someone's cherished honeymoon memories. (ha!)  And think of how many adorable families captured the moment with an awkward family photo by the Falls and who can forget those Niagara Daredevil pictures. (Click here!) Forgive my sappy heart, but to think of all the families, friends and lovers who have visited Niagara Falls for good times, it makes it really difficult to stay away.  In fact, I'm heading to the Falls this weekend with two of my girlfriends; one of whom has never been!  So, on behalf of all the Falls enthusiasts, old and new, I say to her jovially:

Welcome to Niagara Falls!  

J xx

My Family, 1987 (Gotta love the 80s!)

Me & Bro, 1987 (Aren't we just awkwardly adorable?!) 


Liv on Love

We should be friends.

J xx



I'll take him.

J xx

Closet Wars

This is my bedroom closet.  I can't find a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.  I may or may not have nice clothes - it's anyone's guess at this point.  I should make like Cher from Clueless and create a digital closet, because I can't see past the first 5 hangers in my closet.  Each time I reach in and try to push apart the hangers to catch a glimpse of what's hanging, I am greeted with a strong force of resistance - my closet puts up a good fight. Tonight, I actually slapped a hanger...  Until my closet and I make amends, I rely on the following picture to make me feel better.  Must be nice!

J xx

Image: Simply Grove


Pure Like Baby

When pink or blue isn't the answer for Baby's nursery, opt for fresh, pure whites and neutral tones.  Plus, a neutral pallet makes the perfect canvas to layer color into the nursery when the mood strikes, using plush toys, blankets and wall art.  These pictures prove that styling a nursery with whites and neutrals is a very, very good idea.  The above nursery by Restoration Hardware is pretty special; their Heirloom Bassinet is a must have!

J xx

Image: White Cabana



Wow!  These Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies make me giddy like a school girl.  The twirly sprinkle tops with fluffy cream filling make me want to devour them and rid the world of yet another sinfully delectable temptation.  These pies look phenomenal; I can only imagine how good they must taste.  Lucky for us, Heather from Sprinkle Bakes has shared her recipe on her blog.  It took Heather 10 batches to finally get the pie shells just right, so consider yourself extremely fortunate... You've just scored yourself a free pass to Whoopie heaven!

J xx


Words on Walls

I could spend hours at a time reading quotes.  Quotes are little pieces of wisdom carried through generations that can sum up an entire life's worth of experience.  Some quotes are simply so beautiful they should be framed.  UK based company Words on Walls agrees.  They take famous quotes and turn them into framed art for your wall.  How great is this framed quote from the movie Casablanca?  Love!

J xx


YSL Arty Ring

This is my hand.  I'm blogging about it partly because I'm testing my camera settings, but mainly because I adore my new Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring.  I bought it from Liberty in London after my friend introduced me to the latest in fashion jewelry, and I've since fallen madly in love.  I bought it as a "souvenir" of my travels, which is hilarious because it was with this justification that I walked away with every single one of my purchases.  It's distinctly British, isn't it? Not even a little?  Anyway, at first glance it looks like a gold miner's craft project, but once it's on your hand it becomes a work of art - an YvesSaintLaurent masterpiece!  And I've received a lot of compliments on this ring from both men and women. Who knew?!  Oh, if you're wondering, my nail polish is called 'Da Bush' by Essie. (ha!)

J xx

Bobbette & Belle

Bobbette & Belle is the frothiest, prettiest artisan pastry shop located in Toronto's Leslieville neighborhood.  A friend and I were craving a cupcake while out and about on a gorgeous summer day, so we stopped in at Bobbette & Belle and it was the most pleasant experience!  B+B is Toronto's go-to pastry shop for wedding cakes but you can also walk in to enjoy a fresh glass of raspberry lemonade and a $2.75 cupcake!  Plus, you get to sit and enjoy your treat in the loveliest shop that only a master class wedding connoisseur could create.  The treats alone are worth the visit, but the decor will make you want to stay awhile.  

J xx


It's the Ears

This Yoda Hat is equal parts hilarious and adorable.  I'm not proud of it, but I do love when babies and tots wear accessories that make them look half human and half baby animal.  It's a double dosage of cute, because really - there's nothing cuter than babies of any kind!  Granted, Yoda's not a baby animal, but this kid is so cute it takes on the same effect.  Seriously, look at those ears! 

And then there's this little girl who looks just plain angelic in her Little Lamb hat.  This makes my heart melt.  It has got to be the ears.  They get me every time!  God, one day if I have a kid, he or she will grow up to resent me a little bit.  I'm sure of it!  

J xx

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