Cupcake Carrier

The Twist & Lock Cupcake Carrier by Fox Run protects your cupcake from being smooshed when you're on the go and want to save your treat for later.  I can't count the number of days I craved a cupcake but didn't have time for a sit-down break to eat one.  I had to forgo my treat because I refused to let someone bag my cupcake.  The thought of icing coating the inside of the bag instead of my mouth is terrible!  No one wants a deformed cupcake; their perfect shape and swirly frosting topper is half the appeal.  If you fancy yourself a cupcake fan, this purchase is a no-brainer.

J xx


Skeem Design

Note to self: become a Photoshop whiz, create nifty graphics, stick them on jars filled with smelly wax, and make lots of money. I aspire to do this. I know, it's not quite so simple. But everyone likes a good candle - they're so well crafted nowadays, they've become a means of decorative expression much like a hand-selected piece of art for your wall.  Skeem Design has skills. Photoshop skills, or whatever skills are necessary to create stunning candles that smell wonderful. I want those skills.

J xx


Kusmi Tea

It's happening again. That feeling in my chest urging me to scream out with delight. Perfect packaging does this to me. It makes me feel funny. I can't help it. It's like The Hulk and his inability to control his outbreaks when he becomes angry.  I have an inability to contain my excitement when I spot something beautiful. It's best you leave me alone when this happens so I can sort out my emotions without exposing you to the aftershocks. Otherwise, you'd have to witness my bulging eyes, clenched fists and unbearable squeals. The Hulk and I should commiserate over a cup of Kusmi Tea.

J xx


Putti Fine Furnishings

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite shops in Toronto called Putti. This store is cotton candy heaven. Walking into this shop is as though you've just stumbled into a magical chamber and you can't believe your eyes as you marvel at all the glittery treasures before you. To be fair, this is just one wing of the shop, but it's my favorite!  Putti is jam packed with all things French, pink and decadent! You'll find loads of antiques and giftware for every room in your house. The store's narrow walls and overflowing shelves add to its warmth and treasure trunk appeal. I always leave this shop with a twinkle in my eye.

J xx


Lace Tape

I often wonder if it's necessary to make all things beautiful if given the chance. Is it ever the case that some things should remain basic and unembellished? I believe if you had to choose between two equally priced items, you'd choose the prettiest of the two. To me picking pretty is a default tendency - even if you are deciding on something as dull as packaging tape.  Case in point: Lace Tape by Boiler Design. Designer Karl Zahn notes that kings and aristocrats used to stick lace on everything, and their product is merely a modern day equivalent to such a frivolous statement. How clever! I certainly never thought I'd fall victim to the allure of packaging tape.

J xx

Becky Kelso Jewelry

I fell in love with Becky Kelso jewelry when I came across her 14k yellow gold, fluorite ring. The signature filigree bezel of this ring reminds of me of the Victorian style iron work prominent in European architecture - one of the countless reasons why I adore Paris. I have since learned that Becky has designed jewelry for Banana Republic, which is not surprising to me because I've always loved Banana Republic jewelry specifically for the vintage style filigree in many of their pieces. I can't wait to own this ring someday! Becky's aesthetic is unique and heartfelt. Her passion is in the detail.

J xx


Botanical Bottle Stopper

Sometimes I am irked by even my own aesthetic preferences; they tend to be predictable and overtly feminine. I would rather err on the side of modesty, but who's kidding who? I'm chemically wired to overreact when I spot something pretty. C'est la vie! Speaking of pretty, check out this Flower Bottle Stopper from The New York Botanical Garden. I love the untamed petals and translucent color. Wouldn't this make a lovely hostess gift for a summer barbecue or garden party?

J xx


Sweet Scales

I don't own a scale.  It's not that I'm afraid to weigh myself - I just don't see the point, as long as I keep active and eat somewhat sensibly. But the times they are a-changin' my friends. I just might do the unthinkable and purchase one of these lovely Typhoon Electronic Scales. Aren't they pretty and dare I say, welcoming?  And the best part? They are designed to hang on your wall and double as a digital clock! Ha! So on those 'not-so-skinny' days, opt for the time instead. But seriously, who can resist a damask or vintage floral print? Well, not me anyway.

J xx


Barlean's Coconut Oil

You must buy a jar of Barlean's 100% Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil. This product may be used in cooking, baking or frying - as a spread on toast or muffins and as a moisturizing oil or hair tonic. I love how far this product goes for your money; it nourishes your body inside and out. I have a jar and I can tell you it smells delicious, and it makes your skin and hair feel super soft. Yum...there's nothing like the smell of sun-warmed coconut. It's a quintessential reminder of those summer days relaxing by the lake, catchin' some rays.

J xx


Samantha Robinson Porcelain

Girl can bake a bowl! (And by 'bake' I mean heat in a kiln. Ha!) Samantha Robinson's handmade porcelain creations are so unique in design, it's impossible not to notice her flare for inspired prints and whimsical shapes.  Her porcelain has garnered widespread attention and has been featured in many prestigious magazines including Vogue Living, Harpers Bazaar, and House & Garden.  Surf to Anthropologie to purchase the Crimson Sweet Bowl available in both small and large sizes. With artistry of this caliber comes fame and demand; but you know what that means, don't you? ...It'll cost ya.

J xx


Humunga Stache

When it comes to our dogs we're always looking for excuses to laugh and marvel at the adorable and silly little things they do.  Just when you thought it impossible for your dog to be any cuter, in comes the hilarious Humunga Stache fetch toy from the lighthearted folks at Moody Pet. Is this cute or what?! And a great gift idea for new dog owners! "The far-fetched dog toy for fetching-far fun"... Moody Pet - I applaud you.

J xx

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