PermEnamel Paint

This month's issue of Country Living Magazine has tons of unique craft ideas; my favorite is the farm animal dishware.  You can convert plain glass and ceramic dishes into little masterpieces by painting images with Air-Dry PermEnamel Paint.  PermEnamel what? Yes, that's right - you can personalize dishes with dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe paint and it's PERMANENT!  No baking required! The creative possibilities are endless!  For instructions on how to duplicate these mugs, click here. Thank you CL!

J xx


Coco Cake

I can look at cupcake pictures for hours at a time. I just did. I love Coco Cake.  Lyndsay Sung is an artist and self-taught baker with an adoration for all things cake. She treasures her pink KitchenAid mixer and dreams of amassing a collection of vintage and handmade cake stands.  After reading her entire blog, I've narrowed down my favorites and I find her pineapple cupcakes sugar sensational!

Visit Lyndsay's wonderful baker's blog to see examples of her work. Her cupcakes are made-to-order and if you're lucky enough to live in Vancouver, you should consider placing an order for your next special occasion. Lyndsay can personalize cake to your heart's content; therein lies her best talent, the butter to her batter.

J xx


Pink Guts

Forget Barbie, think Carrie. Carrie Bradshaw, better known as Sarah Jessica Parker. Who else could pull off bubble-gum pink and look sophisticated. It takes guts to sport this shade of pink and not care about naysayers who encourage pink's negative connotations (you know the ones).  I was never a pink person until Sex and the City entered my life; so, in honor of my newfound confidence, I've discovered some hot 'Carrie-approved' pink accessories. What's the matter?  Too pink? Don't be afraid. Dare I say it...YOU GO GIRL!

J xx

(1) Paul Smith, Holly Platforms
(2) Diane De Maria, Bonnie Fluo Pink Bag
(3) Smythson, Luggage Label, Magenta Collection
(4) Kate Spade, Big Apple Neda Continental Wallet


Emily Filler

Beautiful isn't it?  This is a painting by Emily Filler, an Ottawa, Ontario native who is currently living in Toronto and painting full-time out of her studio in the city's historic Distillery District.  Emily is known for painting floral landscapes. She explains, "by blending colors and patterns into dreamlike images, my goal is to convey the impressions that flowers and nature leave behind in memory."

I first met Emily while studying at Queen's University through a mutual friend who is kind enough to give me random updates on Emily's professional and personal life adventures. Emily graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, and her work has since been featured in House & Home Magazine, and comes personally recommended by Sarah Richardson of Design Inc. and HGTV's Sarah's House.

If you're in Ottawa be sure to stop by the Terence Robert Gallery for Emily's 2nd exhibition open May 22 - June 9.  I am the proud owner of a modest 6"x6" Emily Filler original, and every time I look at it I am reminded of good friends and dreams fulfilled.

J xx


Adoré Chocolate Tablets

Wow! Feast your eyes on these Adoré Chocolate Tablets. I stumbled across these beauties at TheDieline.com - a website where the package design community can review, critique and stay informed of the latest industry trends. Coba & Associates, a Serbian based design and branding firm, created packaging for Adoré that rivaled the high quality and status of their hand-made chocolates. Each chocolate flavor got its own look and name. Such gorgeous packaging! I vote Adoré the official chocolate supplier of your life!

J xx



Maybe it's because I'm craving sweets, or that I've been looking for an excuse to buy a sugar shaker, but I'm seriously digging the Ebelskiver Filled-Pancake Pan from Williams-Sonoma.  I spotted the pan in store today and at the time I didn't know what an ebelskiver was. But I've learned that they're warm, sweet, flaky pieces of heaven that can be served for breakfast, dessert, as hors d'oeuvres or as a light supper.  Fill them with fruit, chocolate, cheese - whatever it is you're craving.  And they're easy to prepare. Check out the how-to video at Williams-Sonoma.com.  Those Danish people sure know what's cookin'. Yum!

J xx


Dachshund Cruets

Image: VivaTerra

How adorable is this Dachshund Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set by Roost?! Made of borosilicate glass, these cruets come with a small funnel to fill them and have cute little cork-stopper spouts.  The sleek, modern design of these puppies make them pretty irresistible. My Dachshund-loving friend is probably shrieking with joy at the mere sight of these cruets.  She already has Dachshund salt and pepper shakers...

J xx


Swimming Peonies

If I had the space to command such attention and the window overlooking the streets of Paris, I'd without a doubt purchase a gigantic clear vase and fill it with a dozen uncut, losely placed peonies.  I love how unkept they look in this presentation.  The key is to place the vase in front of a natural light source so that the water glistens in the sun and bursts of light peak through the stems.  This is a playful alternative to your standard flower arrangement.  Visually this is so appealing to me because it showcases the 3 unique tiers of the arrangement: light-infused water, dense foliage and plush peonies. Perfection!

J xx

Ad Collateral Art

I can't recall where I found this image, but the lovely Cheree Berry stationary featured in this picture might be an indication that I'm getting warmer.  Nevertheless, the Starbucks inspired 'save the date' inspired me to create an art wall for my kitchen showcasing all those little pieces of advertising collateral that I've saved from my favorite restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and wineries.  Business cards, brochures, receipts, menus and wine labels can be frameworthy. Usually I find myself admiring these things and wishing I had further use for them. Gather up some frames and buy pretty patterned gift wrap and cut to size to serve as background for your ad mementos.  If you're an avid Starbucks coffee drinker, their coffee cup sleeve is a start!

J xx

Boomerang Wok

I don't cook much, but I enjoy a good stir-fry as much as the next person.  The Boomerang Wok by Royal VKB has a unique patented cupped edge that allows the ingredients to stay IN the pan as they are turned and flipped with a simple movement of the spatula. Zero stovetop (or floor) mess is the goal here.  Aside from the wok's ingenious design, I love the taupy grey exterior and smooth, shiny egg-like shape. Such a pretty wok it is.

J xx


Dog Days of Summer

Every summer lovin' dog should wear Mascot's brightly colored Waterproof Beach Collar.  And when you tire of tossing around the soft, yet durable Zinc Flying Disc Toy by West Paw Design, why not store all your pooch's play things in the adorable Macbeth Toy Bucket.  Sounds like a good idea to me!  Plus - these items are j-u-s-t-i-f-i-a-b-l-e ways to spoil your dog. Just promise me you won't do THIS.

J xx



Oh Brigitte! You in all your French bombshell glory! So simple, yet so sexy. This Bonjour Paris v-neck makes my day, and this classic tassel See by Chloé bag should be mine. I bet Brigitte would have worn a similar outfit in her heyday. Well, maybe she wouldn't have had "Paris" emblazoned on her shirt because you need only have glanced at her to know she was the quintessential Parisian starlet. My 'essence' however, is not quite so 'telltale'. I want to prance through Le Marais in pretty peeptoe flats and sport her black Bardot band and voluminous mane. And for the love of Paris - I must own this v-neck!

J xx

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