Oh Canada!

Well, it's official. CANADA is GOLDEN! Thanks to Sidney Crosby's epic goal, Canada owns the podium with a record-breaking 14 gold medals at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Celebrating our hockey win in the streets of Toronto with hundreds of flag-bearing, proud Canadians is an experience I will continue to talk about 20 years from now. The jubilation felt and expressed in Toronto and across the nation was a euphoric sense of freedom. Of the games, Canadian sports journalist Stephen Brunt said, "it feels good to let your heart show." And through our collective experience, we did just that.

Last night I sang myself to sleep crooning our national anthem. This morning I woke up feeling sorry about one thing: I missed out on the commemorative merchandise by The Hudson's Bay Company, the game's official supplier. I believe Hbc should continue to sell their merchandise long after the games; especially their beautiful knitwear. Make no mistake about it - the 'hype' has just begun!

J xx

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