Rustic Refuge

There's a chill in the air that doesn't want to let up.  But I have found that warmth can be felt in places that exude rustic elegance.  So, I'm going to find me a place where I can rest my eyes in dimly lit spaces and soak them in rich colours.  Wood at my fingertips and beneath my feet, I'll stay warm enough to get me through the weekend.  

J xx

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That Girl in Pearls said...

That first outfit is KILLER. Funny enough, "rustic elegance" was exactly the term we used when designing our wedding. It turned out beautifully :) I think it's such a neat combination! Makes you want to get fancy, but comfortable enough to not worry about what fork you're supposed to use and HAVE FUN.

Thank you so much for your kindness and heartfelt well wishes. The support is appreciated more than you know :)

That Girl in Pearls

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