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In 1996 I was 16 years old when Cindy Crawford's Basic Face makeup 'how-to' hit bookshelves.  I loved this book!  Though I can't tell you I actually read it, I was mostly mesmerized by the pictures...  All I needed was a few photo examples of what a fresh face with makeup could look like.  I since vowed to enhance what my mamma gave me with colours near to my natural tones and with as little of it as possible.

I'm often asked what cosmetics I use and for tips on how to apply it; I suppose this means Cindy taught me well.  So, for those near and dear, and for my lovely blog followers - if your interest permits, allow me to share my 'basic face' with you.  This isn't riveting stuff - but next time you're in the cosmetics department and you choose to go basic for beauty then this post will have been worth it.

6. Bobbi Brown, Creamy Concealer (Ivory)

If I leave you with one tip...
The appearance of unblemished skin is key to getting that fresh-faced glow.  Use two types of concealer - one that is lightweight and glides easily between your fingers for spotting over blemishes. This way you can layer the concealer to fully cover the blemish without  caking up your skin.  And the other with a creamy, tackier texture for under eye concealing.  Under eye shadows call for a slightly thicker concealer which will also help catch the light (especially in photographs).

And of course...

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I remember that book! Has it been that long... love your blog entry on it!

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