Pain Perdu

Last night I learned that French is among the Romantic languages in part because their words in most cases do not have literal meaning to us English speaking 'non-romantics'. My friend's very French fiancé Christophe schooled us on the French language having grown up in a small town somewhere outside of Lyon, France. He also schooled us on how to be funny... but I digress.

What I'm trying to say here is that French translations are mostly metaphoric in nature. Case in point - 'pain perdu' which in English means 'French toast'. 'Perdu' translated in English means 'lost' - so apparently to French folk - changing the physical state of an ordinary piece of bread (soaked in egg and fried) has caused such distress to the bread that it can only be described as 'lost'. Well, I can assure you the next time I eat French toast I'm going to gobble up every last crumb of it; at least it'll have a good home.  All that French toast talk last night has got me craving it this morning in a really big way. Check out this recipe I found at Smitten Kitchen for Crème Brûlée French Toast.  Mmmmmm!

Who is that guy in the photo you ask? That's the charismatic Frenchman himself, Christophe. He and my girl Lindsey live in this chic condo. I thought I'd take this opportunity to give you a peak at their lovely abode.

Perhaps my favourite part of their condo are the antique yardsticks mounted on the wall.  Definitely a conversation piece, but they plan on marking off the day, month and year on the yardsticks respectively to signify their wedding date.  Romantic right? Now, about that French toast...

J xx

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