Pink Guts

Forget Barbie, think Carrie. Carrie Bradshaw, better known as Sarah Jessica Parker. Who else could pull off bubble-gum pink and look sophisticated. It takes guts to sport this shade of pink and not care about naysayers who encourage pink's negative connotations (you know the ones).  I was never a pink person until Sex and the City entered my life; so, in honor of my newfound confidence, I've discovered some hot 'Carrie-approved' pink accessories. What's the matter?  Too pink? Don't be afraid. Dare I say it...YOU GO GIRL!

J xx

(1) Paul Smith, Holly Platforms
(2) Diane De Maria, Bonnie Fluo Pink Bag
(3) Smythson, Luggage Label, Magenta Collection
(4) Kate Spade, Big Apple Neda Continental Wallet

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