Ad Collateral Art

I can't recall where I found this image, but the lovely Cheree Berry stationary featured in this picture might be an indication that I'm getting warmer.  Nevertheless, the Starbucks inspired 'save the date' inspired me to create an art wall for my kitchen showcasing all those little pieces of advertising collateral that I've saved from my favorite restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and wineries.  Business cards, brochures, receipts, menus and wine labels can be frameworthy. Usually I find myself admiring these things and wishing I had further use for them. Gather up some frames and buy pretty patterned gift wrap and cut to size to serve as background for your ad mementos.  If you're an avid Starbucks coffee drinker, their coffee cup sleeve is a start!

J xx

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Linds said...

um, I'm doing the starbucks thing tomorrow :) i love, love, love this! prepare to be copied.

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