Puppy Dog Tails

As a little girl I had to contend with the notion that little boys were made of snips and snails, and puppy dog tails, and girls were made of sugar and spice. Was I supposed to be happy being a condiment while boys were passionate little creatures, living their lives with the swinging fervor of a puppy's tail? Even more unbearable was the yearly influx of greeting cards I received with kittens on them. Yes, kittens are sweet and all, but my heart belongs to the dogs.  Even though most children's accessories adorned with puppies are reserved for 'boys', I won't hesitate to shower little girls with puppy love because they too are passionate little creatures!

J xx

(1) Robeez Puppy Baby Booties, click to: www.robeez.com
(2) The Fuzzy Noggin Doggy Earflap Hat, click to: www.etsy.com
(3) ittikid Bow Wow Wow Onesie, click to: www.ittikid.com

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