Rose Gold Rush

I'm in love with rose gold and I can't go another day without it!  If only I'd realized sooner there was another option besides silver and gold! Is it just me, or is rose gold too often forgotten?  Did you know that 18k rose gold is composed of 75% gold, 21% copper, and 4% silver? How fabulous!  No longer the underdog, rose gold suits up to be a major contender in the battle of the precious metals. The warmth and sheer beauty of rose gold is undeniable, yet completely unexpected.

Be sure to spruce up your jewelry & accessories collection by adding a piece or two. May I suggest Daniel Espinosa's Rosé Ring, Tiffany & Co.'s Rose Gold Oval Key Pendant, or Michael Kors Midsize Rose Gold Chronograph Watch. I've got my eye on the time!

J xx

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Sarah said...

I couldn't agree more about the Rose Gold! GORGEOUS!

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