The Love Mattress

The Love Mattress offers partners a simple yet effective position for embracing.  This mattress lets you hug your love intimately without any wrist or arm weakness. The Love Mattress has the same dimensions as other mattresses do, with the added advantage of making a gap between joined parts in order to place your arm and shoulder in it when lying on your side.  

A mattress that supports your back and your relationship? Yes please! This is perhaps the first and only time romance and practicality mix well together. How many times have you wished you could fall asleep holding your partner, if only you could somehow maneuver yourself in a comfortable position? Just when you thought romance was dead, in comes The Love Mattress!  Is this genius or what?! Hopefully this product will be available to purchase soon so all of you romance aficionados can finally fall asleep comfortably in the arms of your lover.  Now that's what I call a good night's sleep!

To learn more about The Love Mattress designed by Mehdi Mojitabv, visit Gooya Design.

J xx

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