Blog Podium, Interior Design Show 2012

This weekend I attended Blog Podium, a talk seminar hosted by IDS12, Toronto's Interior Design Show. The panel included Kimberley Seldon - Design Editor of Chatelaine Magazine and Host of HGTV's “Design for Living”, Margot Austin - Senior Style Editor for House & Home Magazine, Kate Moore - CityLine Producer, Jennifer Flores - Published Blogger, and Co-Founder of Blog Podium, and Moderator - Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, Cityline Guest Expert.

I was particularly drawn to Margot Austin's comments.  She didn't hesitate to disagree with the rest of the panel with regards to what makes a design blog 'good'.  Whereas they cited featuring original work as most important, Margot addressed the prevalence of 'industry support' blogs which are important to raise awareness and have the ability to make design experts out of all of us.

J xx

Bloggers who attended the seminar were featured in the Blog Podium official handout, which I must say - is rather exciting to see.  There's something about seeing yourself in print that makes you feel pretty special.  I could get used to this!

I've got more to share from IDS12, so check back soon for updates! 


Meagan, in house nester said...

I am right on track with you - I thought Margot was fab and had such valuable insight regarding material on blogs etc... I think it comes from having her own blog on the side (outside of her own work for H & H and Style at Home before).

Anonymous said...

nice opinion. thanks for posting.

Curtains said...

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