From Hockey to Groceries

Maple Leaf Gardens, home to the Toronto Maple Leafs and the National Hockey League from 1931-1999 was recently converted into a Loblaws supermarket. The faint hope for the revival of the treasured hockey arena is dead, but not without tribute.  Arena chairs were given to past season ticket holders as a souvenir, and an art installation in the form of a maple leaf made from arena chairs hangs on the entrance wall of the supermarket. Plus, center ice will live on in the condiments isle marked by a red dot on the floor.

I miss the arena, but I love the new supermarket - it's gorgeous! They have the largest assortment of food brands and products you can imagine. And there's a bakery, cheese wall, sushi bar, deli and patisserie, to name just a few. You could really spend an afternoon here and consider it time well spent.

J xx

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