YSL Arty Ring

This is my hand.  I'm blogging about it partly because I'm testing my camera settings, but mainly because I adore my new Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring.  I bought it from Liberty in London after my friend introduced me to the latest in fashion jewelry, and I've since fallen madly in love.  I bought it as a "souvenir" of my travels, which is hilarious because it was with this justification that I walked away with every single one of my purchases.  It's distinctly British, isn't it? Not even a little?  Anyway, at first glance it looks like a gold miner's craft project, but once it's on your hand it becomes a work of art - an YvesSaintLaurent masterpiece!  And I've received a lot of compliments on this ring from both men and women. Who knew?!  Oh, if you're wondering, my nail polish is called 'Da Bush' by Essie. (ha!)

J xx

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