A Racing Torrent of Emotion

If you're one of those people who think Niagara Falls has completely lost its sense of wonder, I say lighten up!  Sure, the wax museums and Ripley's monstrosities A through Z are super cheesy and disturbing, but you just can't turn your back on a city that was once deemed 'the honeymoon capital of the world.'  Info Niagara boasts, "one word can be used to describe why thousands of honeymooners...come to [Niagara Falls] each year - Romance."  Late director, Henry Hathaway even equated the Falls with Marilyn Monroe's sex appeal in his 1953 film-noir 'Niagara'.  The trailer is so sensational (and hilarious) you must watch it!

Marilyn Monroe, Niagara Falls, 1953

Now don't get me wrong - I too am repulsed by the notion that Niagara Falls once surpassed Paris, France as the most romantic city in the world, but this is yet another reason why your opinion on the Falls is entirely dependent on your sense of humor.

Niagara Falls is a package deal; you need to take the old with the new. So if you diss Niagara, you're practically pissing on someone's cherished honeymoon memories. (ha!)  And think of how many adorable families captured the moment with an awkward family photo by the Falls and who can forget those Niagara Daredevil pictures. (Click here!) Forgive my sappy heart, but to think of all the families, friends and lovers who have visited Niagara Falls for good times, it makes it really difficult to stay away.  In fact, I'm heading to the Falls this weekend with two of my girlfriends; one of whom has never been!  So, on behalf of all the Falls enthusiasts, old and new, I say to her jovially:

Welcome to Niagara Falls!  

J xx

My Family, 1987 (Gotta love the 80s!)

Me & Bro, 1987 (Aren't we just awkwardly adorable?!) 

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