Botanical Bottle Stopper

Sometimes I am irked by even my own aesthetic preferences; they tend to be predictable and overtly feminine. I would rather err on the side of modesty, but who's kidding who? I'm chemically wired to overreact when I spot something pretty. C'est la vie! Speaking of pretty, check out this Flower Bottle Stopper from The New York Botanical Garden. I love the untamed petals and translucent color. Wouldn't this make a lovely hostess gift for a summer barbecue or garden party?

J xx


à la parisienne said...


Thank you for visiting my blog and for your compliment! This bottle stopper is very beautiful and unique. I have never seen one like this!


concrete & honey said...

Hi Jen,
I must admit, I am unashamedly girly!! Am honoured to be on your blogroll and I share your love for Paris Breakfaasts watercolours. Lovely blog.x Nicola

The Zhush said...

Yes! Adorable hostess gift! Perfect!

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