Big Home, Little House

October's issue of Country Living features Euro Trash designer Lizzie Carney's 1000-square-foot Jacksonville, Illinois bungalow. Lizzie shows us how to live large in a little house without the clutter or constant yearning for more space.  

I love everything about this kitchen. The pop of blue, the sleek chairs against the rustic island, the shelving arrangement, the perfect little door, etc., etc., etc.!

Fine dining in your wine cellar is brilliant! Why should your wine live alone amongst the dust in the basement? This is a lesson in using the space you have to its utmost potential!

We all want a walk-in closet. If you're fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom, what would you rather - a guest room used a couple times a year, or a walk-in closet enjoyed every day?  Besides, sharing your own bed is a very 'hospitable' thing to do.

J xx

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