Objects of Your Affection

I grew up in a home filled with little decorative things or 'doodads' as my friend used to call them.  My dad collected antique things and mom teetered between farm house and cottage country decor.  Every time my friend came over, she marvelled over our 'doodads' and was mystified that there was always something new to look at.  Mom had a solid rotation of decorations to keep things interesting and always lovely.  So the need to decorate with pretty things has stuck with me.  They're an expression of one's taste and personality and these little curiosities can be the highlight of a well styled coffee table, shelf or mantel. 

You don't have to look far to find inspiration for the perfect object to style your space.  The possibilities are endless!  To help you narrow the list here's a look at some top trending decorative objects.  Which one (or two or three) would you choose?   

J xx

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