Mad Love for Margherita

Margherita at her wedding - Town & Country

This girl.  Can we all just stop for a moment to appreciate?  I am mad crushing on Margherita Missoni - heir to the Missoni fashion dynasty, for those of you who prefer rock living.  She seems to be so many things all at once - hippie, warrior princess, designer, model; a seemingly natural beauty who you'd love to hate but just can't.  I get the impression that she lives in her own beauty bubble as evident by her unique style - cool and collected, unfazed by everything else; popping patterns like it's nobody's business.  Yes, maybe this is a strong impression to have of a person I'll likely never meet, but girls will be girls and I prefer to harbor my obsessions.  I just started following her on Instagram (@mmmargherita)!  I can just picture my boyfriend reading this right now, shaking his head and wondering what the hell he's gonna do with me.  But I think he secretly digs my crazy.

J xx

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