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Sarah Tacoma

I checked out the One of a Kind Christmas Show & Sale recently, and found lovely, unique creations by some talented Canadian artisans. For many Torontonians, the One of a Kind Show marks the official start of the holiday shopping season.  Here you'll find works from 800 artisans; the perfect place to find that special gift for your someone special.  Let me introduce you to some of my fav artisans from the show...

J xx

S a r a h  T a c o m a
photo-encaustic works on wood

Sarah took this photo somewhere in B.C., and let me tell you it's my favourite!  It's really cool what she does with her photos - she mounts them on wood and uses them as backdrops for paint and beeswax application, so her creations end up looking like a rare snapshot of a dream wave.  They have a distinct vintage aesthetic which to no one's surprise, I love!  I regret not buying this piece - the photo looks so honest and makes me feel humble when I look at it.  I love the green trees against the rustic white wood panelling.  Love, want, adore. 

How cute is this pic of Sarah?  Come on, who doesn't love a set of antlers?!  Sarah lives with her painter husband in the small enclave of Cannington, Ontario, where she works from her store front studio & gallery.  Two artists in one household... you gotta figure their house is decked out in lovely.  For more on Sarah's work, visit sarahtacoma.ca.

A v r i l  L o r e t i
table runners

Who doesn't love an excuse to be bold?!  Avril Loreti's collection of home decor and accessories is the perfect excuse to incorporate lively colors and patterns into your existing decor.  I've been a fan of Avril's work since 2010 when I came across her coveted 'Birkin Bag' Cocktail Napkins.  I chatted with Avril at the show and we got to talking about how those napkins really catapulted her to success.  So much so, that Hermès put a stop to production of those napkins themselves.  We laughed after I suggested she frame that cease and desist letter if she hadn't already.  And after being featured on NBC's The Today Show this year, it seems that business is booming.  Congrats, Avril!

triangles tea towel

home decor & accessories

H e y d a y  D e s i g n
porcelain crown jars

Crown mason jars are a shabby chic gal's dream.  So naturally, I almost fainted when I spotted these cast porcelain jars.  Love how Claire Madill describes her collection as 'modern porcelain with a vintage beat.'  Her jars come in both creamy white and black for a super chic, slightly edgy look.  I need one of everything.  Visit heydaydesign.ca to shop Claire's creations. 

K e l l y  G r a c e
pigment transfer collage, acrylic paint and gel medium on wood

Kelly Grace's mixed-media pieces are just the right amount of quirky.  I could see these hanging on the walls of a retro boutique or apothecary store.  These scene stealers appear to be getting along with their everyday mirror-primping routine, making them easy to identify with. The brunette at bottom left is straightening her hair in the mirror - pretty much exactly how you'll find me from 8:00 - 8:10am Monday through Friday!

L' A t e l i e r   d u   P r e s b y t è r e

I appreciate when a boutique sticks to what they know and sells themselves accordingly.  L'Atelier du Presbytère sets up shop at the show every year, and just like the first time - I'm drawn to how they merchandise their booth with vintage finds and recycled French linens. You really feel like you just stepped into the French countryside.  And well, I love French anything, so I fell for L'Atelier hook line and sinker! 

French linen Christmas stockings

French linen pillows

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