I'm all about a good experience, and if you throw in a delicious, freshly brewed coffee - life is good.  Such has been my experience at Balzac's in the Distillery District; the loveliest café in Toronto! I've also visited Balzac's in Stratford which is also highly delightful.  But the Distillery location is the most beautiful with its grey brick walls, haunting chandelier and vintage coffee paraphernalia.    This skull poster is 1 of 7 prints commemorating each of the Balzac's café locations in Ontario. The illustrator is Alayna Paquette of Rhode Island - check out her website, idrawdogs.com.  It only took seeing her skull poster a handful of times until I caved and purchased a 10"x14" print for my kitchen. Edgy? Yes, but more clever than anything as a dedication to Stratford's internationally-recognized Shakespeare Festival.  If you're a Hamlet fan, then you can appreciate this little nod to Act 1, Scene 5 of the play. Brilliant!  

Beautiful Chandelier

Vintage Coffee Paraphernalia

Yummy Pastries

Alas, it is mine!

J xx

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