Fun with Gucci

Vintage Gucci Bangle Bezel Watch v. 11/12.2
silver bezel

orange bezel

red bezel

Update - Sept. 11/12
(...my mom just informed me she engraved the watch herself years later, with an engraver she borrowed from work. The best part about THIS is she screwed up the date of her own anniversary - this from a woman who has the random talent of remembering the date of anyone's birth, death, anniversary or special event - family, distant cousin, celebrity or otherwise.  Her OWN anniversary!  Her 20th wedding anniversary was actually June 1, 1994.  God I love that woman!)

I have my mom to thank for giving me her vintage Gucci watch with interchangeable bezels.  And the best part about it?  I just noticed it's engraved - a gift from Dad to commemorate their 20th wedding anniversary.  Love!

J xx

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Love it !

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