Old Finds

Found this baby on Etsy and had to have it.  You may think this is a rusted piece of junk, but this antique detergent container from the 40s is every bit as chic as the French lady it features.  The maker is El Camino Petroleum Co. 1946, Los Angeles, California.  I couldn't find any info on this company, which likely means it's long gone - which makes me love it even more!

Then I scored this vintage 50s Hand-i-Sift flour sifter made by Androck from a flea market back home.  Good old dad bought this one for me, convinced the lady to drop the price and voila - all mine!  Plus pops also bought me an old Redpath cotton sugar sack which I'll show you soon...once I'm finished doing what I'm doing with it.  Stay tuned!

J xx

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