Part 3: Florence

Top 5 Florence Impressions:
  1. Bruschetta, bruschetta, bruschetta: I have never dreamed of tasting such mind-blowingly delicious bruschetta like I did in Florence. I’ve always enjoyed bruschetta, but there’s a HUGE difference between Canada’s version and the kind they make in Italy. It must be the olive oil they use, but Italian bruschetta will give any main course a run for its money.
  2. Like the sun: no matter where you are in Florence, if you stop for a moment to appreciate the panorama, the warmest shades of orange and yellow will be etched permanently in your mind. Orange must be Florence’s signature color – every terracotta tile roof top and every building’s yellow stained exterior is reminiscent of the colors found in a beautiful sunset.
  3. Gelatolicious: it’s no secret that gelato is Italy’s confectionary claim to fame. I ate delicious gelato in Florence – coconut is my favorite. But did you also know they have these amazing fresh fruit popsicle shops? Such a simple concept, but when you can choose between every fruit flavor imaginable, the experience becomes rather exciting! I recommend Kiwi and Raspberry.
  4. Venus & David:  these two would make a great couple.   Botticelli's Birth of Venus and Michelangelo's David are so magnificent, they're worth their respective galleries' hour long wait  to see them.  Let's just say David is manly and Venus is, well, a Renaissance goddess.  David's hands are abnormally huge and his muscles are perfectly sculpted.  And Botticelli's Venus is painted with the most soothing shades of peach, blue and green...the painting really does live up to its hype.
  5. New city, old city: when I first stepped foot in Florence, I immediately felt I wasn’t very far from the city life that I am accustomed to. Florence has all the best things a bustling city has to offer; yet, it is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance and is home to some of the world’s most important cultural and historical landmarks. I just love that while you’re getting on with your busy life, a quick glimpse of the Duomo or Giotto's Tower will make you feel humble.

  • Caffè Bigallo (for the bruschetta, penne arrabbiata, and mushroom risotto)
  • Scuola del Cuoio (for the authentic Italian leather-making experience)
  • Il pizzaiuolo (for a traditional pizzeria style restaurant)
  • GROM (for Florence's best gelato)

J xx

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