Part 1: London

For 2 weeks I vacated my life and traveled to England and Italy. I explored central London and took an extended weekend getaway to Venice and Florence. I saw all the big sites and checked them off my list.  Truth is, I love being a tourist. To be able to say simply “I’ve been there” means a lot to me. You see, I’m a wildly nostalgic person. Sure, I can ‘live in the moment’, but moments are fleeting. Your only keepsake is what you remember. So, you can be sure I'll gaze a little too long at the sites and take too many pictures. Because in the end, what's left?

Top 5 (+1) London Impressions:
  1. Easy getting around: It really is! Public transportation is so well mapped out and the city is well marked, so there is little question how to get from point A to B. And don’t let London’s web-like tube system scare you. Just follow the arrows, and you’re golden!
  2. Quaint quarters: for all the grandeur of London’s historic sites, most pubs, restaurants and shops have low ceilings and small doors. I was overwhelmed with feelings of quaintness and comfort. I’ve concluded that London is a very cozy city.
  3. Country chic: nobody does country chic quite like the Brits! The patterns, the textures, the colors, the antiques! I’ve learned that no kitchen is complete without a tea cosie from Jan Constantine or Fortnum & Mason.
  4. Pie & mash: I’m not a pie person. That is, until I dined at Battersea Pie in Covent Garden. The butternut squash & goat cheese pie with mash and gravy was life altering!
  5. Hot men: London is home to a ton of handsome lads. I was surprised just how many hot men I spotted on every street corner. No matter their style, they all had something going for them. My London guide book did not prepare me for this.
  6. Magazine freebies: Summer is the best time to buy fashion magazines in London because most mags come with a FREE beauty product! So, I stocked up on reading materials for my flight home and snagged a Jemma Kidd lipgloss, Leighton Denny nail polish, and Benefit High Beam complexion enhancer. Sweet!
  • Liberty (for the Tudor revival store exterior)
  • Whistles (for the womenswear collection)
  • Fortnum & Mason (for the kitchen and confectionary floors)
  • Alice's (for the antiques and charming decor)
J xx

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