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I'm not blessed with wash and go hair, so over the years I've learned simple ways to keep my hair healthy and under control using little product.  And you might say I'm hard to please when it comes to hair treatment and styling products, so it's always a surprise when I try products that are as good as these two:  Moroccanoil® Oil Treatment and Chi Infra Texture Hair Spray.  Moroccanoil® firstly, smells like absolute heaven, secondly and more importantly its ultra-light formula restores shine and conditions hair leaving a healthy 'non-greasy' glow.  Infra Texture hair spray is lightweight and 'non-crunchy' yet maintains your style and promotes movement by its unique texturizing formula. Not sold yet? Trust me and try them. I'm happy to say I told you so.

J xx

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Galaxy Girl said...

Moroccan oil is a total godsend! I use it all the same and pretty my swear by it. I've never tried the Chi spray, I may just have to try it!

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