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It's 40 degrees, blistering hot and humid and I am in no condition to be wearing clothing.  However, since I'm a law abiding citizen I've decided against public nudity.  To avoid profuse perspiration while out in the summer heat, I have two tips:
            (1) forgo heavy or thick leather shoulder bags
            (2) avoid flip flops and that make you work to stay in them

Opt for sporting a cotton or canvas tote that you can barely feel hanging on your shoulder and super lightweight Bensimon walking shoes.  As Joanna from Cup of Jo charmingly noted, "Bensimon shoes are the French girl's converse"; except they are made to look and feel worn in for easy comfort. These tips make a difference and help keep you cooler when the weather is anything but.

J xx

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Linds said...

I've always loved those shoes!! Paris + converse... my dream

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