Stealing Beauty

I adore this woman. I loved her in Empire Records and she stole my heart in Stealing Beauty. And I intend on stealing her style. Every morning before I dress I ask myself, "what would Liv wear"? Well, ok that's not true, but when I see her looking this lovely it's probably not a bad idea. I loved this ensemble so much I was inspired to put together a similar outfit. Those Stella McCartney geometric shades add just the right amount of drama to her feminine outfit and her studded black bag follows suit to balance out the look. Bravo Liv!

J xx

(1) Uttam, Red Floral Dress
(2) BC, Colorblock Hero Sandal
(3) Olivia Harris, Studded Ball Hobo
(4) Stella McCartney, STM 4011 Pearl Black/Grey

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