Pineapple Hospitality

A friend recently told me that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, and I loved this idea so much, I did a little research and learned that "the pineapple was the celebrity fruit of Colonial America, literally put on a pedestal at extravagant feasts. It was also the status fruit - rare and expensive, brought by ship from the Caribbean. A guest felt honored to be served the exotic pineapple. Since then it has been a symbol of hospitality and a favorite architectural and decorative motif" (HB).

I've since purchased a vintage '70s copper pineapple mold (center) from eBay to hang in my kitchen. Pineapple home accessories are hot items and great gift ideas for weddings and new home owners. I think every home deserves a little pineapple hospitality!

J xx

(1) Kichler, Pineapple Outdoor Hanging Light
(2) Jack and Lulu, Pineapple Gold Flat Notes
(3) Forest City Brand, Pineapple Crate Label Reproduction
(4) Ginkgo, Pineapple Pewter Beverage Pitcher
(5) CC Home Furnishings, Copper Pineapple Fruit Weathervane
(6) Tommy Bahama, Pineapple Cove Napkins

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